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Free Golf Tips – 3 Free Golf Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Game!

Do you know the right club to use to find a large sweet spot? Do you know your club length could be totally wrong for you? Find out these answers and more in this article.

Beginners Golf Tips – Do You Know the Proper Golf Grip to Choose to Succeed on Your First Shot?

You need to start by holding your club directly in front of you using your right hand. The club head should be pointing away from you at a 45 degree angle.

Golf Slice Cure – Finally It’s Here, the Golf Slice Cure You’ve Been Waiting For!

What is the proper swing your should take if it is breezy? What club should you use if you want your ball to roll around the hole? The answers to these questions and more are in this article.

Golf Swing Basics – Do You Want to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast?

A better golf swing starts with the takeaway. If you want a consistent, powerful golf swing, the takeaway is the first key. Many golfers tend to take the club far too inside as they swing the club back.

Stop Hitting Thin Golf Shots With Your Irons? Simple Move That Gets You Hitting it Solid Every Time!

It’s a horrible feeling in golf when you hit thin golf shots as it sends an uncomfortable vibrating jolt right through your arms and body. Most beginner and amateur golfers unfortunately have to suffer through this on a regular occurrence. The golf ball usually goes flying either through the back of the green or ends up about 30 metres short of the target.

Golf Scoring Tips – Rules on Keeping Score

Golf is a strange sport. In any sport you can think of, the object is to get a higher score than your opponent. Whatever it is, if you get more of them, you win. Except in golf, where the less you have, the better.

Tips For Planning Your Home Putting Green

As a golfer, you probably don’t get to the course and practice as much as you’d like to because daily life tends to get in the way. Since it’s essential to hone your short game in order to improve your overall golf game, installing a putting green in your backyard is a great way to improve your golf skills and provide yourself with hours of entertainment in the comfort of your backyard.

Fix Your Golf Slice in Four Steps

What is a slice in golf? In order to fix your golf swing problem, you first need to understand what that problem is.

Golf Putting Techniques to Turn Pars Into Birdies

To make a birdie, you have to make that birdie putt. Now it’s true that you had to put the ball in the fairway and stick your approach shot right up to the hole, but without that putt, those two shots don’t mean much. Here’s how to seal the deal.

Tips to Putt a Golf Ball Better

The golf swing is hard, with all its twists and turns, while the putting stroke is simple – just back and forth. It might take you years to learn how to swing the club reliably well, but you can learn to putt in no time if you know what you’re doing. And since a putt counts a much as a drive, there’s every reason to know.

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