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Offset Golf Clubs

Offset is the distance that the forward side of the hosel of the clubhead is sent a head of the bottom of the face of the clubhead. The offset golf clubs can cure your slice but only if it is wood and not iron.

How to Prevent a Golf Slice? 2 “5 Minute” Cures For Your Slice

Want to know how to prevent a golf slice? Most player struggle with the left to right action… but the truth that you can eliminate it OVERNIGHT-when you know how.

Hitting a 460cc Driver

The over sized drivers have become very popular on the golf course nowadays. The ever popular 460cc sized head driver is quickly replacing the smaller standard sized driver off the tee for beginning and expert golfers alike.

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball – The Perfect Way of Learning How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball

One of the problems of a golfer is learning how to put backspin on a golf ball. It takes technique and the perfect condition for learning it. Of course, you also will need the right ball.

How to Hold Golf Club – The Basic Principle of Holding a Golf Club is in the Fingers

Many golf aficionados, novices or long time players make the same mistake of bypassing the importance of understanding how to hold golf club. This idea provides them sufficient knowledge on how they should play the game. How to hold a golf club is one of the most basic things that a serious golfer must be able to master so that he is able to perform well in his game.

How to Fix a Slice – Must Have Tips

Fixing a slice is one of the simplest things that any golfer would do. As much as many people see it as a difficult task, it has on the other hand proved to be the simplest thing to many. Never forget that golf needs self-control, discipline and consistency; with this vices then fixing that slice will a lot simpler than you could expect. Basically there are some essentials that you need to know concerning a slice.

How to Correct a Slice Easily and Fast

How to correct a slice is one thing, but fixing it fast and simple is another thing. If you are a serious golfer you must be yearning to attain stardom at the earliest time possible. That is the reason why fixing slices easily and a fast is a sweet relief since leaving with slices is hurting and mind bogging.

Golf Training Equipment – Get the Right One and Improve Your Game

Golf training equipment is a boost to any golfer if he/she wants to master the golf game. To understand the dynamics and tricks of any game you have to train. Training is the only way to arm yourself against potential competitors. All the golfers or tour players that excel in their game have passed through some kind of training that has worked to help them remain on the perfect golf course.

The Stack & Tilt Golf Swing – A Revolutionary Change

Stack and Tilt definitely helps inconsistent players. This swing instructs us to keep the body axis centered over the ball and to rotate about the same axis.

Lesson #25 – The Cut Lob Shot

The cut lob shot can be a valuable shot to have in your arsenal, especially when the pin is cut close to the edge of the green anywhere from a few yards away to 20-25 yards away. To set up for a lob shot, the goal is to create speed at the bottom, but make the ball go a distance much shorter than you usually would create with that club.

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