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Add 10 Yards to Your Drives by Changing Your Balance

Generating more clubhead speed, and consequently hitting longer drives, doesn’t have to be hard. By making a simple adjustment to your set-up during your pre-shot routine to get yourself in athletic balance, you can free up your body to rotate faster and make your most athletic golf swing. You’ll hit your drives farther and more accurately with greater consistency.

Why Women’s Golf Shoes Are Important

Selecting the right pair of women’s golf shoes is important if you want to be both comfortable and confident out on the course. Great shoes disappear from your mind when you’re playing, but bad shoes are distracting and even painful. So whether playing 9 holes or a full 18, walking or even taking the cart, the right golf shoes are essential to maintain poise and focus on each shot.

Accuracy is More Important Than Power

You would be correct to think that the aim of golf is to get the ball from the tee and into the hope in as few shots as possible. However, you may be surprised to learn that getting the ball to go further on each shot you take is not necessarily about hitting it harder.

Inside Out Golf Swing Basics – Use These 3 Tips to Improve Your Game

The inside out golf swing is a fundamental aspect to learn the golf swing basics. If you want to put your game to the next level you have to learn and practice how to hit the ball right. You need to know how to stop slicing and what kind of golf swing drills are essential.

Get Your Balance Right

To ensure a smooth swing and a great golf shot you must start with the basics and one of the most important factors is the balance of your body before, during and after any shot you take. One of the most important things you must always ensure you do before you take any shot in golf is get your balance right.

The Best Golf Mindset For Beginners

As you know, to become a pro in mostly anything, you need the right mindset for success. If you do not know what I mean by a mindset well, basically you need some ambitions and purpose in taking any action and the dedication adds to the mindset being complete. So to be in the perfect mindset you need to have a goal, and ways to approach those goals.

How to Play Golf Fairway Bunker Shots – We All Want to Play Like Sandy Lyle, Don’t We?

For many golf enthusiasts, and particularly British ones, Sandy Lyle’s Fairway Bunker shot on the 18th hole on the final afternoon of the 1988 Augusta Masters was right up there among the best shots of all time. The Fairway bunker shot is arguably the most difficult shot in golf to execute properly and consistently, at least for club golfers like me. While it would be difficult for anyone playing off a handicap of 13 to profess that they had mastered this difficult shot, the following tips have meant that my percentage of successful Fairway Bunker shots has improved dramatically.

Know Your Golf Clubs – Consider the Seven Key Elements That Could Improve Your Golf

Most of the golf advice available to improve our game centers around tips and drills designed to “achieve a better golf swing” or “hit the ball further”. Whilst this information may be useful, little or none of it ever takes account of one of the most important factors which will allow us to play the best golf we are capable of playing; i.e. the specification of our golf clubs…

The Short Golf Chip Shot – 4 Simple Tips to Improve Your Game

One of the most frustrating things that I find when playing golf is ‘duffing’ a short chip shot, ie hitting into the ground behind the ball or ‘thinning’ it through the back of the green. It’s so frustrating to have wasted your excellent drive by messing up a short chip. I have found a set of 4 simple tips, which have hugely improved my chipping and which have stopped me being so anxious, when faced with a short chip shot.

Playing a Knock-Down Golf Shot – Two Effective Tips For Playing Into the Wind

If you live in the UK as I do, then you have to get used to playing golf in the wind! The knock-down shot is a great tool for playing golf into a headwind and will save your game from being destroyed by the wind. This article provides the author’s experience of 2 simple, but effective tips for playing into light and strong headwinds. The tips allow you to hit the ball lower and straighter when playing into the wind without having to hit the ball hard.

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