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Putting Tips – Ball Position

There’s a joke that says that all putts go straight when you hit them. It’s what happens next that changes. One way to make sure your puts go where you want them to go is to have proper ball position.

What is the Best Driver on the Golf Market Today?

Do you think that purchasing the Best Golf Driver on the market will improve your game? It is quite possible that is the case, however there are some important considerations that you may to evaluate before making that all important purchase. Do you know what they are?

How Do I Find a Golf Club Set For Sale That Will Best Suit My Game?

Finding a Golf Club Set for Sale isn’t all that difficult if you know where to look. However, is this equipment a match for your game? If not, it isn’t worth the investment. Let’s look at some criteria to evaluate when seeking a new set of sticks.

Finding a Bargain Golf Club Sale

There are many things that you should consider before you choose a used club at a golf club sale. There are many professionals who buy new clubs regularly and are willing to sell their old equipment. These golfer’s are always looking for new hybrid clubs and thus, are willing to sell their current clubs at very low prices.

What’s the Best Golf GPS System?

What’s the best golf gps system is a question that’s hard to answer. This article discusses what you need to look for in golf GPS systems and about how much they sell for. If you’re interested in what’s the best golf GPS system for your budget and needs, then you must read this. Read this article, today!

The Golfers Guide to Pain Free Rounds

Many golfers find as they get older, that injuries become more common and that the regular 18 holes become a real challenge. What causes these injuries and what are the options for getting rid of those aches and pains and returning to perfect golfing form?

A Simple Cure to Your Golf Shank Shot

It’s a horrible feeling, worse than missing a 3 foot putt. You know you did it, as does everyone around you. In fact, the shot doesn’t even sound right. And, worst of all, you probably have to walk up to your ball and hit it again, as your partners balls are probably well ahead of you.

How a Women Can Improve Her Golf Game and Drive the Ball As Far As a Man

A proper golf fitness program can help a woman build muscle strength in those areas of her body that will help her drive the ball farther off the tee. It will give any women a competitive edge and even allow them the confidence to drive the ball off the same tee as the men.

How to Re-Grip Your Golf Club Properly to Make it Feel Like a New Golf Club Again

You may have a set of clubs that you are comfortable with but after continued use at some point they need to be re-griped. This maybe a stressful time so here’s a complete guide to re-gripping your clubs properly.

Golf Shaft Torque – What You Need to Know

OK, so you’ve heard and read enough about golf shaft torque to fill the National Library of Congress – and what have we learned? Well, I can share with you what I have learned and not everyone will agree with; but here is my two cents worth.

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