Kyle Long talks going from college pitcher to NFL star, where Tour players would play in the NFL

Some Putting Tips and a Golf Swing Analysis Will Give You a Good Start to Improving Your Golf

Like taking up any new sport, learning how to play golf well won’t just happen overnight. Just be patient and don’t get frustrated at what might seem like slow progress.

Taylor Made Custom Golf Clubs – Why Are They the Pro’s Number 1 Choice?

Taylor Made clubs were made in the 1970’s by golf fan Gary Adams. Adams was spending a lot of time on the golf course trying to improve his game, but was frustrated at the traditional Wood clubs that were available. After spending sometime considering what alternatives could be found, he developed the metal wood.

Which Top Flight Golf Clubs Are Best For Beginners?

Are you a beginner golfer or have a beginner in your household? Are you tired of paying for those rental clubs or borrowing someone else’s? Shopping for your first set of clubs is exciting but can be very time consuming. Top Flight is a common name in the golf industry and you can be sure that there are some Top Flight Golf Clubs that are perfect for beginners.

Golf Swing Lessons to Have You Playing Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to know “How can I improve My Golf Swing?” Well there are various tips that you will find useful for improving your golf swing. Primarily you need to develop your own natural golf swing. As a golfer you will need to develop your natural swing. A successful swing is essential to help you drive the ball farther and straighter, and it has to be constantly worked on to enable you to have a consistently good swing.

The Secrets of Golf – Getting a Driver That Fits

There are many secrets to this great game of golf. One of the main ones that I like to talk about deals with the driver. This secret is to get a driver that fits. The first question you may be asking yourself is what do I mean when I say the words: Get a driver that fits? Does this guy mean get a driver that fits in the bag? Get a driver where the headcover fits? No, I dont mean either of those things. In the following paragraphs you will slowly start to see the concept of getting fit for a driver.

Three Great Golf Cart Accessories

If you have gone through the trouble of purchasing a golf cart, you are more than likely going to want to personalize it with accessories. Which accessories you will choose will depend on what you are using the golf cart for (i.e. playing a round of golf or is it your primary mode of transportation). Therefore, this article is going to discuss three potential golf cart accessories that you may want to check on.

Golf Training Grips

Can a preformed golf club training grip help your game? If a good golf shot starts with a good grip, and not all of your shots are “good”, maybe you should consider using this type of training aid on the practice range.

Top Flight Beginner Golf Clubs

Do you have a beginner golfer in your household? Are you getting tired of seeing them pay for rental clubs or just think its time that they had their very own set of clubs? If you’ve done any browsing you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of beginner golf clubs out there to choose from.

The Benefits of Playing Golf

While the majority of people who play golf do so because they enjoy it, the fact is that golfing can provide a myriad of health benefits. These benefits apply to both a person’s physical, as well as their mental state. As a result, this article will discuss some of these benefits.

Three Items to Review When Buying a Golf Bag

Once you have been playing golf for a while, you may decide that you would like to buy your own set of golf clubs. Of course, when you do so, you will also want to buy a good golf bag as well.

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