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How to Break 100 – Stop the Embarassment Today!

One of the most frustrating things in golf is not knowing how to break 100. This is often the first goal that many new golfers have when starting out, and once you learn to make contact with the ball on the consistent basis, you are not far away from breaking 100. There are really 3 keys that you should focus on in order to shoot under 100, and here they are.

Stop Hooking the Golf Ball Instantly With These 3 Tips

To some golfers the slice is the biggest obstacle to playing golf, but for thousands of other golfers it is the dreaded hook. Hooking the golf ball is something that can be so frustrating that it almost caused the great Ben Hogan to quit the game before he over won a major championship. Now, after Hogan fixed his hook he went on to win 9 major championships, and here is how you can fix your hook to improve your scores.

Get a Grip – Simple Golf Grip Tips

If you’re hoping to improve your golf game, there’s no better place to start than at the one point where your body touches the club-your grip, that is. If you watch a professional golfer, you might see how he appears to merge with the club, becoming one with it. Golfer and club should function like a single well-oiled golfing machine.

Are Golf Course Green Fees Out of Hand?

Are you tired of being charged an arm and a leg to play a round of golf? What happened that made green fees skyrocket in the past ten years? Let’s examine a few scenarios.

The Six Fundamentals of a Golf Swing

Having a sound fundamental golf swing will eliminate the problems associated with your golf game. Smooth out your swing and watch your golf scores drop.

Improve Your Golf Swing With These Two Great Tips

Improve your golf swing and finally achieve those low scores. That is what every golfer is trying to achieve. Regardless if you’re playing three to four times a week or just a weekend warrior your goals are to get better and shoot lower scores. The best way to achieve those lower scores is to fix the core of every problem. Hit fades, fix your swing. Hit slicing or banana shots, your swing is the issue. This article will provide you with two great tips that can help you improve your golf swing.

Golf Software – Analyzing Your Statistics

So, you have purchased your golf analysis software and now have some ‘stats’. But, like the terrier that chased the bus and, for once, managed to catch it, what do you do with them?

Your Basic Golf Swing Guide

The key to playing better golf is mastering the golf swing. Learning the basic golf swing is the first step to playing better golf. Every basic problem you can have such as fading the ball, slicing, erratic play, hitting short, flat drives, worm burners all are related to an incorrect golf swing.

Why a Short Backswing in Golf Is Better

By most accounts a short backswing in golf is better, because you avoid the problems of overswinging and the dreaded “across the line” position at the top of the backswing. Just by looking at golfers like Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and especially Camilo Villegas have tried to shorten their back swings and quiet the excess motion in the golf swing.

Golf Push Slice

The golf slice is the most common error in the golf swing and a majority of newbie golfers don’t know why they are committing this error. This article is intended to provide the information of golf push slice along with its cause and solution.

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