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Golfers’ Warm Up Mistakes

Most golfers’ warm ups are costing them strokes. Learn what an effective warm up entails.

What to Pack For a Golf Holiday

Golf holidays have become a growing trend amongst many golfers; professionals and amateurs. They are even popular with people who aren’t going on holiday specifically to play golf but just enjoy a game anyway. Golf holidays tend to be taken by groups of friends or golf societies.

Planning the Perfect Golf Holiday For an Excellent Game

Golfers will tend to play on courses that they either know well or are members of; rarely will they make a trip to another course somewhere else in the country. This is all well and good but invariably after a while you may grow tired of the same course and want to try playing a round of golf at a new and exciting location. Some golfers may go on a golfing holiday to play golf in sunnier climates or perhaps play a famous course in another part of the world.

Golf Swing Plane – Use This Drill to Develop the Perfect Swing Plane For Duffers

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Then get ready to learn the one key that once mastered will take you where you want to go and beyond. Discover the drill that will train your swing to consistently master this key and stay on plane.

Ping G5 Irons – An Honored Tradition

The sport of golf is an ancient game steeped in tradition. Ping G5 Irons aid golfers in carrying on the handed down teachings of the original players from Rome, China, Scotland, and Holland with a few innovative twists. Although, we do not know for certain the first inventors of the sport, we do know who holds the title of the oldest golf clubs in the world.

Cheap Golf Clubs – A Better Investment

Should you buy an expensive golf club or a cheap golf club? If you buy an expensive club, this means that you’ll probably say goodbye to the possibility of buying other golf accessories. Here are some reasons as to why cheap clubs are a good investment.

Buying Cheap Golf Clubs – Its Benefits

Cheap golf clubs are a great way to save money and still get some good quality clubs. Here are more reasons why it’s wise to go for more affordable clubs, as well as some places where you will most likely get them.

Purchasing Cheap Golf Clubs

Most golf enthusiasts go for cheap golf clubs because of the rising prices of most golf clubs and equipment. We all know that golf is not a cheap sport, and only few people can keep up with the latest expensive trends and models. To get good quality golf accessories, balls, bag and shoes, you can easily shell out over a thousand dollars. It is a great thing that recently, more affordable golf clubs are readily available, more so with the growing popularity of auction sites.

Cheap Golf Clubs – How to Get the Best Deals

Golf clubs fall under the expensive category range in sporting equipment. There are various ways on how you can get good clubs at discount prices. At times these cheap golf clubs even perform better and are easier to use for beginners than expensive golf clubs. For you to get affordable clubs, you need to know the right places where to look. Read on to find out more reasons why you should go for more affordable clubs, and where you can find them.

Pro Golf Tips – 5 Tips to Help Your Game

When looking across the internet or in your golf magazines you always find tips. Some say they will help your swing, others your mental game, and some will cure your putting in minutes! I have put together a few tips here that truly have helped my all around golf game. Enjoy!

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