Kathy Whitworth, winningest player on the LPGA and PGA tours, dies at 83 | Golf Channel

Golf and More Golf

Fundamentals of golf. Creating golf strategies.

Golf Tutorials For Beginners

Techniques and drills for the golfer. Starting from the correct position for ball striking.

Eradicate Double-Bogey Blues

The mind is a strange and highly complex concentration of intellectual powers. Allow me to explain how life events alter the mind and how those very events dictate how the mind conducts day-to-day business. Play God for a day and understand the associated risks with such an inherently difficult job! Discover how subliminal messaging can bring harmony, peace and order to your mind whilst revolutionising your game of golf.

Golfing Versus Golfers

What does this mean to any golfer whether he or she are beginners or scratch golfers? Well let me tell you. There are hundreds if not thousands of golfers who really want to improve their game so they are forever trying out this technique and that technique and all other sorts of different nuggets of advice to find just that one little piece that may give them an edge when in competition.

The Best Golf Tempo Trainer Can Help You in These Ways

Need the best golf tempo trainer to get your tempo just right? Want get into that perfect rhythm that the pros get into when they’re swinging away? Check out this article

How to Correct the Driver Golf Swing and Hit the Longest and Straightest Drives of Your Life!

Many people will tell you that the golf swing does not change from club to club, but in fact due to the varying lengths and weight of each club the swing has to change some. The driver golf swing is no different because you are using a very long and light golf club, which can lead to wild tee shots if you are not careful. Here I am going to give you a few tips to make sure that you keep your swing in check with the driver.

Golfers, Putt it Right

Can it be done? Yes it can. This is not a myth. This can happen to you right now. You can Break out of mediocrity and break into success.

Picking the Right Golf Ball That Suits Your Game

Understanding Golf Ball technology helps you pick the right ball. Matching the right ball with your swing will improve your golf score.

Golfers Doing it Better

Golfers the world over are always looking to improve their golf game. To get this knowledge they are prepared to go to any length just to gain another few yards in their drives. Well, as a golfer for quite a number of years I too sought out this attribute to improve my game.

A Few Simple Truths About the Game of Golf

Golf is an fabulous sport in which the aim is to have a player who applies various different sorts of golf-clubs strikes a ball into a golf hole that is at some distance from where he or she first hit their first shot and in the process uses the least number of strokes to get the ball into the hole. The idea is to complete an entire course (usually, of nine or eighteen holes) while making the least number of strokes to putt the ball into each hole of the course.

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