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Golf – Fix Your Slice by Improving Your Swing

A slice is the most common problem of all golfers that are developing their game. It can be cured by using some simple drills and diligent practice.

Gain Confidence In Your Golf Putting Stroke

Find out why your golf putting stroke is the most important golfing asset you have. Also learn how you can build on a solid and reliable putting stroke to gain more confidence in your overall putting performance by following a step-by-step revolutionary formula that will have you putting like the pros’ in no time!

Overcome the Obstacles With Wedge Clubs

Of all the golf clubs out there, the wedge ones are the best you can use if you want to be successful when it comes to a golf match. These clubs resemble the iron ones very much, but they are heavier and the loft angle is a lot bigger. The pitch-wedge clubs are the most frequently encountered such clubs, their loft angle being of forty-six up to fifty-one degrees. Then, there are the sand-wedge clubs, which have a loft angle of fifty-four up to fifty-seven degrees.

Top Golf Putting Tips to Reading Greens!

One of the most important factors in becoming a great putter is learning the art of reading greens. Follow my simple golf putting tips to help you read putting greens more accurately.

Why Putting Alignment Can Improve Consistency!

If you are having problems with your putting consistency then your solution may be as simple as correcting your putting alignment. Find out the easiest way to solve your golf putting alignment issues.

How to Play Golf on the Snow

The Chivas Snow Golf Championship was split into four categories which cover all the performance levels. Every year, the circuit is established a few days before the beginning of the tournament, this tournament being supported from a financial point of view by a lot of people. This tournament includes nine holes.

Golf – Growing Popularity of Golf Among Gujaratis

Golf and business go hand-in-hand. Little wonder, Ahmedabad, the business capital of Gujarat is fast emerging as the golf capital of India.

The Foundation of a Good Golf Swing

Are your feet too wide or too close together when making a golf swing? Find out how this common problem may be affecting your golf and how to fix the problem.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Getting your alignment right is about as fundamental as it gets in golf. Slight changes or errors in your set-up can have a big impact on where your ball finishes. So what we need to do is find a repeatable way to get 3 factors into alignment.

Make a Full Swing on Short Shots

If you have trouble with your pitch shots and want to build accuracy and consistency, have a read of this article. Many other teachers will tell you to play high risk shots that are hard to control. Try this simple to learn strategy and watch the improvement.

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