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Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

To play a good golf round you need to be comfortable so choosing the best shoes is essential. We can offer a few handy hints to make sure that play the best golf of your life!

Are Expensive Putting Aids Necessary?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wasted a few (*cough*) hard-earned dollars on different putting aids and training devices. And though some of them can and do lead to improvements in your game, many of them are just a waste of your time and money.

Training Future Golfers With Junior Golf Clubs

I’ve always found golf to be a very entertaining and soothing game that washes away most of the stress from everyday life. I’ve been playing for years now and never seem to grow tired of its mechanics, even teaching my kids all about it. Now that they’re old enough to actually try playing, I finally decided to get them a set of junior golf clubs.

Keep Your Elbows Together During Your Golf Swing

Here’s a little tweak that will improve your ball-striking immensely. It’s easy to do, takes just a little adjusting to, and you will be amazed at the improvement you get right away.

How to Fix Your Hook Or Slice

If you’re an amazing golfer, a hook or slice can be just the trick that sinks the ball. For the rest of us, a hook or slice can be just the thing that sinks a poorly played round. Most often, a hook or slice is misplayed. The ball severely flies to the left or the right, causing squirrels to duck. Usually a hook or slice has negative consequences.

Basic Putting Technique to Drop Strokes Quickly

If you don’t have your putting technique worked out, you are giving away strokes. With a very small amount of practice, you can see your score improve dramatically.

JH Taylor

Today’s top golf courses are designed to perfection, featuring sweeping fairways and perfectly kept grass during peak golfing season. As far as the sport has evolved over recent decades, it’s important to look back to some of the pioneers who paved the way for modern course design and play, John Henry (JH) Taylor rose from a caddy at the Royal Devon Golf Club to become a professional and pioneer in the game. The British national champion went on to win the Open Championship five times, and served as the founding President of the British Professional Golf Association.

Julius Boros

Standing tall in both stature and reputation, Julius Boros was born to Hungarian parents in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1920. Looking back on his career, modern golfers can learn quite a bit from his approach to the game, as well as his perseverance over adversities more serious than a standard sand trap.

Raymond Floyd

Born on a military base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Ray Floyd stuck to his working class roots as he rose to become a professional golfer at the young age of 19. Floyd earned a reputation in North Carolina for his raw talent, hard work and competitive nature, playing briefly at the University of North Carolina before becoming a full time PGA pro in 1961.

Francis Ouimet

In an era when cross-Atlantic political relationships were just becoming solidified, Francis Ouimet become a ambassador for the base overseas, serving as the first American elected to the Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews. Known for his unique approach to the game, Ouimet united his French origins with a strictly American approach to the game to build bridges as golf become an international sport.

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