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Gas Powered Golf Carts – Not Just For Golfers

The gas powered golf cart is not just for the golf course, with the explosion in retirement villages and golf villages a cart almost replaces the family car on a day to day basis. Gas powered golf carts have been around for years but it was generally only the better off that could afford one, nowadays the prices have fallen into the range of nearly all of us.

So You Want to Play Golf?

Golf has become a very popular sport across the country. Not only is it popular in the US, but in other countries especially Australia. The fascination of golf could stem from the popularity of some famous players such as Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Phil Nickelson, and Jack Nicklaus. Or it could be from the fact that golf is a very stimulating and relaxing sport that not only exercises the mind, but develops skills that could be used in everyday life.

Comparing Golf Clubs to Find the Best Set For Your Bag

Buying a new set of golf clubs involves a few steps to make sure you find the best set for your particular swing type. Here is an overview to help any golfer in the somewhat difficult research that is necessary before buying anything.

Golf Club Equipment

Choosing the right golf clubs can make the difference between spending your time on the fairways and greens then on spending your time in the rough. Should one decide to play golf, the essential thing that a person needs is a set of golf clubs.

The Golf Lob Wedge – Is it For You?

What is so special about the golf lob wedge? The primary reason for it’s popularity is the fact that the major tour players now place such an emphasis on their wedge play.

Do You Want to Improve Golf Your Swing Speed?

Who else wants to improve their golf swing speed? If you look at the top golf professionals today, not only do they have talent, they work hard at their game. The things they do to improve their golf swing can also be done by amateur golfers. This article discusses two things you can do to improve your golf swing speed and power.

The Simple Golf Ball and How it Affects Your Game

This topic is dear to my heart and I have had many a discussion with Amateur members at my club regarding what type of golf ball they are using. The answer is usually the same. They use different golf balls from day to day, sometimes using different types and makes in the course of a single round. Just bear with me for a moment while I explain how this can affect your scores and handicap in a big way.

How to Navigate Your Way Around the Tricky 7th at Stoke Park Golf Course, by Using Mental Rehearsal

To put you in the picture Stoke Park Golf Club’s signature hole is the 7th (12th at Augusta was modeled on it) It’s a must hit green par 3. On the left side there is a steep bank down to two bunkers which run the almost the full length of the green, which also slopes sharply from left to right. Right of the green is another steep bank down to several teardrop lakes.

New Golf Clubs May Not Help Your Swing

We all have one of those friends, or played a round or two of golf, with someone who is always looking for that new club that will fix his golf game. This guy has spent more money on golf clubs in a year, than most golfers spend in 10 years.

Beginner Golf Tips – How to Learn to Play Golf

As you are starting to play the great game of golf, everybody and their brother will be attempting to give you beginner golf tips. Trust me I mean everyone. This includes the guys that you are playing with that cannot break 100 themselves!

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