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Improve Your Swing With These Slice Tips

A golf slice is a hit that can be both humiliating and embarrassing for the golfer. A slice is caused when there is a movement of the club head. The head does not hit the ball squarely but rather tilts slightly sending the ball about 30 yards offline from the target fairway.

Classic Golf Swing Tips 101

In order to play well on the golf course, a golfer will need to establish a classic golf swing overtime.Your swing movement has to be as natural as possible, and many amateurs golfers like to merely follow what has been told in golf magazine, simply just manipulate the golf club into certain positions during their down swing. Indeed, these might not help but harm your swing development.

Strong Golf Grip Means Lower Scores

Are you gripping the club too hard? Most golfers claiming their swing needs to be corrected are overlooking a larger problem, Grip Pressure. The excessive amount of pressure used to grip the club can actually be the source of errant shots.

Golfer Tips For the New Golfer

You hear your golf shot before you see it. By the sound of the ball hitting your club, your shot is about 350 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. A short approach shot and a putt and you have achieved your very first eagle!

Improve Your Game With These Golf Slice Tips

Golf is one of the most widely loved sports in the world, loved by millions of people all around the world. People enjoy the game of golf because it is fun and extremely challenging. Golf is always changing and the game is always different.

Top Historical Facts About Golf

Golf is a popular sport for young and old and for players with wealthy and middle class backgrounds. It is not really a sport of the ‘working class.’ The term golf originated from an alteration of the Middle Dutch term colf or colve (a stick or a bat game called kolven).

Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Review

Specifically built for Distance and Control using the latest in ground-breaking driver technology, Nike have introduced their very latest driver design, the Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver. Due for release at the end of November 2010, find out why this new weapon is going to take the golfing world by storm.

Are Quick Golf Fixes a Myth?

There are numerous website providing quick golf fixes tips but think about it are they really providing quick golf fixes tips to you or you really have improved your golf swing? Here we list you clear thought about quick golf fixes and how you can focus on your golf shot.

The Fastest Way to Lower Your Golf Scores

To lower their scores fast, most golfers should spend much more time practicing their putting and short game. Unfortunately, most golfers spend 90% of their practice time focused on their full swing, and the majority of golf instruction is also focused on the full swing. This article discusses why golfers will improve more quickly by improving these other areas of their game.

The Golf Hook – When You Just Can’t Take It Anymore

This article analyzes the golf hook and suggests highly-researched and time-tested strategies on how to straighten out your drives. Topics include: hook spin, balancing in your stance, checking the grip, and much more. It promotes a “check list” approach to identifying the source of the “glitch” in your swing.

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