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Definitive Guide on How You Can Hit a Draw in Golf

Golf is a fantastic sport, but in order for one to enjoy it thoroughly a person needs to be passionate first in learning how they can master the game. One important aspect is hitting a draw in golf; you need to be able to create controllable shape shots.

Club Car Golf Carts – Tips For Buying And Customizing Your Golf Car

When it comes to buying a golf cart many people find the sheer size of the market confusing. There are a number of kinds of models of Club Car golf cart available currently and the aim of this short article is to give you a number of pointers to picking the golf cart that best suits your needs.

New 2011 Odyssey DART Putters Review

Callaway continue to lead the way in golf putter manufacture, with the new release of their 2011 Odyssey DART Putters. Utilizing the very latest in cutting edge design and technology, these high performance putters will have you putting more accurately and with more consistency than ever before!

Purchasing An Electric Golf Cart

At present golf carts come in both gasoline-powered and electrically powered models, so which is better? Well, for the people buying their first golf cart, we would highly recommend that you look first at electric powered golf carts.

The Benefits of A Golf Caddie

With the advancement of science and technology most golf caddies have been replaced with modern golf carts which are able to carry even the player. While this is unfortunate for the caddies themselves, it makes logical sense to go with a cheaper solution as a golfer. Of course if you do not mind walking around the golf course in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery otherwise you could just opt for an electric golf caddy.

The Main Club in Your Golf Bag

Sometimes it pays to look into whether to use second hand clubs. If you decide to use them then the best way is to skip any that have grooves anywhere in the face which have become worn down because of overuse. You will also need to examine the following: Whether there are any signs of rust on the shafts, or any stress, tear and wear.

Golf Distance Tips – The Late Release

Most golfers constantly strive to achieve more power and more distance. These golf distance tips will give you a technique to try that, when mastered, should greatly assist you in attaining the power and distance you desire.

How to Play Bunker Shots From Deep Greenside Bunkers

Every now and then all golfers are faced with working out how to play bunker shots as unfortunately we all finish up in a bunker sooner or later. It’s important not to let negative thoughts invade your mind, like thinking how hard it will be to get out and how many shots it may add to your score. Concentrate instead on the task at hand.

Award Winning Clicgear 3.0 Golf Push Cart

It is no surprise that the Clicgear Golf Push Cart won the 2007 Best New Product award at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. The Clicgear 3.0 has significant improvements on the model that won that award so is definitely an exceptional golf push cart.

Buying Your First Golf Club Set? Here Are Tips on Choosing One

There are many different levels of players in the game of golf, but they all share one common feature: they all have a set of clubs in their bag and a love of the game. Golf is a game where, in order to play, you need at least two basic pieces of equipment – golf clubs and golf balls.

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