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Used Golf Equipment

When many people think about used golf equipment, they think about ratty, old mismatched sets laying around in a thrift store somewhere. This outdated viewpoint can be completely changed by one look at…

Tips For the Beginning Golfer

If you’re like most beginning golfers you’re either struggling on the golf course or you’re getting ready to call it quits. Golf can be extremely frustrating and difficult and if you’ve been having some problems on the golf course you can use the following tips to play a respectable round next time on the course.

Previewing Beginners Guide to Golf

Why certain Golf Drills Are Necessary For Beginners. How to know what Clubs To Use For Certain Shots.

Used Electric Golf Carts – Tips on Buying Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are usually more than gas powered carts as they are more environment friendly. These golf carts mean no more emission of fumes and fuel burning.

Golfer Fitness – Out-Perform Your Buddies by Becoming Lean and Mean

Local tournaments, Saturday morning scrambles or weekly golf with friends can become sources of frustration for armature golfers if they are not playing to their potential. We all have that one friend or acquaintance that consistently beats us every time and golf enthusiast are some of the most competitive people on earth. To compete and win consistently, they must increase their level of play by becoming more fit.

Fitness in Golf – Why Golf Technology is Not Improving Your Game

Most people that play golf are unaware that the average man’s handicap is sixteen and the average woman’s handicap is twenty eight. Given the improvements made in golf technology over that last couple of decades, it’s amazing these statistics have not changed in twenty years. Although golf technology has had an impact on the game at the professional level, statistics prove technology is a red herring for amateur golfing enthusiasts.

New Beginners Golf Tips

Learn winning techniques. What preparation means in golfing terms. How to set up before a game.

Presenting Beginners Guide to Golf

A synopsis of vital aspects to the game of golf. Why attention to preparation is so important. Swings and pitfalls.

Golf Swing Trainer – 2 Excellent Ways on How You Can Find One

You can actually shop for the best swing trainers available in two ways. The first way is through the golf pro shops in your area while the other one is through the worldwide web.

Beginners Golf Tips to Lower Handicaps

OK my friend in golf. So you have decided to take up the game of golf. That’s wonderful! Now I will ask you. “Do you know what you are letting yourself in for, Have you any idea of the anger, the passion, the frustration and the amazing exhilaration that comes with the game of golf.

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