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Golf Shoe Laces – More Important Than You Think

As a golfer, you know there are a thousand little things that can throw your game off. And if you’re a competitive type of person, you know that you do everything you can to eliminate them. From changing clubs until you get a set that works, changing balls to get a competitive edge, changing your clothes so you get the comfort and flexibility you want and even changing your shoes to get comfort and grip.

For Most Golfers, “Some” Fitness Training Will Be Beneficial

As the golf fitness industry grows, you need to assess your your golf game, your fitness level, your commitment to practice, and your golf goals, to decide what level of fitness program you need. For most golfers “some” fitness training is enough, and will be beneficial for your game.

7 Free Golf Tips to Improve Your Chip Shots

There are many different situations that can come into play when you are just off the green. Knowing how to approach those chips will give you the ability to get it close to the hole when you need it most. In this article we will discuss 7 free golf tips to improve your chip shots.

Playing Golf for Fitness – Important Facts You Need to Know

The name of Tiger Woods will always be equated with golf. He has popularized the sport so much that the younger generation has…

Proper Golf Swing Basics for the New Golfer

When addressing proper golf swing basics for the new golfer, the idea is to keep things simple and not try to emulate Tiger Woods or any of the pros. Their golf swings are so far advanced to ours that it would only cause more frustration than this great game of golf already has. What I would like to propose to the new golfer is to get very simple in their golf swing basics, and once that is in place build from that foundation.

Club Car Accessories To Take Your Cart From The Functional To The Extreme

Rather than face an ever-growing bill for hiring a golf cart golfers are increasingly turning to buying their own golf carts. The great range of Club Car accessories on sale these days then makes it easy to improve both the performance and the look of your new golf cart so that it stands out on the course.

Custom Golf Carts Allow You To Show Your Individuality

Custom golf carts are getting to be very popular at present as golfers choose to stamp their unique personality on their golf carts. Customization also makes sure that your cart will stand apart from the crowd.

What Is a Good Drive For a Recreational Golfer?

If you want to see something you just can’t believe, go to a men’s professional golf tournament and watch the pros tee off. How they hit it that straight, and that far, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ll never catch up to that, nor will the recreational golfer. What, then, is a good drive for those of us who play the game for fun?

3 Wedge Shots That Will Save You Strokes

In golf, a swing is a swing, but once you get a wedge in your hands, that’s where artistry comes in. When you know what you’re doing with that wedge, you will get the ball closer to the the hole than your partners thought you could, and you will never be out of the match. Here are three shots that I think you will use at least once per round, and they turn three shots into two, just like the pros say to do.

Miniature Golf for the Family

Miniature golf is simply a miniature version of the actual game of golf. In different countries around the world, other names are used for the game: mini-golf, mini-putt, goofy golf, crazy golf adventure golf and so on. The first mini golf course was built for ladies in Scotland in 1867. The course was 18 holes and the first miniature golf course in the world. Garnet Carter was the first person to patent a game of miniature golf which he called “Tom Thumb Golf” in 1927. Garnet Carter built his course on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee to draw traffic to the hotel he owned. His wife, Frieda Carter did most of the designing of the course’s obstacles which had a fairyland theme. Carter founded the Fairyland Manufacturing Corporation, which by 1930 manufactured and sold over 3000 of his Tom Thumb franchises.

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