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Making the Grade – Beginners Golf Tips

What is meant by this headline? Well let me explain to you exactly what it means. Beginners always start off with a very high handicap, and this is correct and proper. A high handicap gives beginners a chance to compete with other golfers, who may have a handicap which is a lot less than the beginners.

Tiger Tips a ‘Roar’ of a Different Kind – Hollywood’s Rory McIlroy

We take a look at the exemplary rise of one of the youngest stars of the European and PGA Golf Tours, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy. A review of his achievements to date and a preview of what we might expect from him in 2009.

How Can I Improve My Golf Swing Right Now?

Many people are asking the same thing-how can I improve my golf swing now? With all the swing tips out there, you would think this would be an easy task. Then why do so few players ever improve? Learn what you need to avoid and then what you need to do if you are serious about improving your game.

Golf Balance and Golf Weight Shift Are the First Keys to Building a Consistent and Powerful Swing

Golf balance and a good golf weight shift are the fundamentals that allow a golfer to build consistency and swing speed. Take the time to learn these first and the rest becomes much simpler.

Putting Tips – Powerful Perfect Putting Practice Plan For Duffers

Who else wants to putt like the pros? Get your putting game down to a science and know how to practice so that you can make more putts when it counts. The next 10 minutes will do more to lower your scores than an hour on the driving range working on your tee shots. You’ll discover the exact steps you need to use as you practice to make perfect putts more often.

Tips For a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

Here are a few tips to make your charity golf tournament a success. Enlist energetic volunteers that will create a fun environment and make your golfers feel good about what they are supporting. You need to make your event different from the run of the mill golf tournaments.

Physics of a Golf Swing

The physics of a golf swing are an important part of the game. Just a 10% improvement on your swing can result in a much better game for you.

Golf Driver Swing – How to Smash the Ball Down the Ball

Your golf driver swing is one of the most important parts of your game. After all, who cares how good a putter you are if it takes you ten shots to reach the green? Here is how to kill the ball time after time.

Eye of the Tiger For Beginners Golf Tips

Eye of the tiger. How many times do we hear that phrase spoken when someone is trying to motivate a team or a sportsperson to greater heights. A lot I can hear you say. Well with golf it is even more important. Having the eye of the tiger for beginners golf tips, is essential.

The Golf Pull Hook is a Sign of Poor Golf Balance

The golf pull hook usually results from an over the top move and poor balance. Learn how to find balance in the stance and throughout the swing.

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