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British Open History – 5 Time Champion Tom Watson

The British Open is one of golf’s four major championships, the others being; The Masters, the US Open and The PGA Championship. Of the four, the British Open is the oldest. There have been many great champions in British Open history, but not many as popular as Tom Watson. Watson dominated the British Open from 1975 – 1983, winning 5 times during this 9 year stretch.

Tiger Woods Golf Swing – How to Swing Like Tiger Now

Tiger Woods golf swing is obviously the holy grail of golf. Unfortunately very few players every attempt to copy his swing even though it’s certainly the best one out there. Discover how to transform your game to get his results lightning quick.

Golf Slice Instruction – 5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Golf Slice

Fixing a golf slice isn’t very difficult. If you’re looking for golf slice instruction that works, look no further than these five easy ways to eliminate your golf slice.

Practice Makes a Proper Golf Swing

One does not become a great golf player overnight. It takes time and effort to learn the nuances of any game and golf s no exception. It is not just a question of hitting the ball as far as it can go and then try to put it into the hole. There are some nuances to the game that make it a joy to play. One of the first things that you have to learn is get that proper golf swing. This can only be done by working on some golf drills.

Improve Your Mental Game

What is the fastest way to improve your handicap? Is golf in the mind or in the body? Does working on your swing improve your golf? Does working on your mind improve your golf? Lets see!

I Discovered How to Improve My Golf Game in Less Than a Week and You Can Too

One of my ultimate goals in life is to improve my golf game. Discover how I learned to improve my golf game in less than a week and how you can do it too!

How to Fix the Golf Slice

The golf slice is one short that you need to master when you want to achieve great distances in the golf field. The golf slice needs a lot of patience and true devotion to the game of golf in order to achieve.

Making the Perfect and Proper Golf Swing

Golf is a game where self- assurance really pays. It is the keyword to success and the joy of playing golf. Practice is also an essential factor towards the improvement of the game. But just as each individual has a different body, arm length and strength, so will their swings differ. There is a perfect and proper golf swing; but it is different for each individual.

Breakthrough Tips to Help You Achieve the One Plane Golf Swing in Just Two Weeks

Discover how to reduce your golf scores and begin playing dramatically with the one plane golf swing. It’s not the club which produces straight shots, it’s the golfer.

Hit Longer Golf Drives – The Simple 5 Steps to Longer Drives in Golf!

There are a ton of golf tips online! I have tried so many, sometimes I just get confused with one telling me one thing, and another telling me something else. Here are a few of my favorites that keep things simple!

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