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Golf Chipping Help

While playing any game it is important to concentrate to each part of the game and this applies to golf also. The article especially focus on some of the golf chipping factors which can be helpful for someone looking for golf chipping help.

Chips and Pitching

What is the difference between two shots chips and pitches? It is often said that the difference is the distance they the balls travel which, whilst it has an element of truth is not the main difference. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about the chip shot.

Do You Own a Utility Golf Club?

The utility golf club, a golf club to replace the hard to hit long irons. A lot of golfers are turning to the utility golf club, and taking strokes off their handicap.

Five Things Your Golf Pro Wishes Your Body Could Do Easily

In many instances it is the golfer’s physical body that limits proficiency, not his clubs, or his instruction. My advice is, don’t wait until your next lifetime before you decide to get in shape to hit the ball better. The following 5 things will get you off to a good start and your golf pro will be happy to see you can do them.

Golf Etiquette On the Green – Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some tips about what and what not to do when your foursome is putting. Wait until everyone is on the green before putting. Even if your ball is farther away but on the green and someone else is farther away but not on the dance floor, let them chip onto the green.

Beginner’s Golf Bag – What Should I Look For?

Whether you are a beginner or pro, I think we will all agree a golf bag is essential. A good golf bag will ease any worries you might have when concerned about carrying your golf clubs.

How to Hit a Power Fade With Your Driver

We have all heard of it…the power fade. We know a lot of pros use it, but many people don’t know what it is, much less how to produce one. The power fade is a left to right ball flight for a right-handed player. Yes, you think that is a slice, but a fade is not a slice. A slice is an overcooked version of a fade. A power fade is similar to a slice, but does not suffer from the distance loss of a slice.

Several Methods of Physical Exercise – Which Will Help Us Improve Shape?

Playing golf requires physical fitness, ability of concentration and also positive thinking and attitude. Here are methods of exercise, which will improve your physical fitness, and positively affect strength, shape and manner, in which you employ the abilities of your body, and also the mind and emotions.

Golf Handicaps, Golf Cheats, Sandbaggers and Bandits

The arguments about golf handicaps, golf cheats, sandbaggers and bandits have been around as long as the handicap system. There is always someone who tries to gain an advantage but lets face it and tell it as it is; it’s cheating pure and simple.

Finding Your Perfect Golf Swing

Many golf professionals concede that the secret to having a good golf swing lies in the application of technique. Although a wide variety of golf swings exists, you can notice that all of them adhere to the same basic principles and have common elements. Here is a short do-it-yourself instructional that should accurately expose golf swing secrets.

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