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Women’s Golf Bags – A Women’s Golf Bag Must Have These Features!

If you are buying a women’s golf bag then there are a few thing that you must look for before you make a final buying decision. Apart from just the capacity of the bag, there are some points that need an extra attention when you buy a ladies golf bag.

Improving Your Golf Game by Avoiding Hazards

Golf can be a tricky sport. But nothing spells disaster faster for a golfer then a hazard. There are two different categories of hazards to be aware of in golf. These include: water hazards and bunkers. They are designed to impose a penalty on the player for a bad stroke.

Taylor Made R9 Driver – Do You Want a Custom Golf Driver?

This New Golf Driver hit the market with a bang, “24 different drivers in one club” since then the Taylor Made R9 Driver has been around every major tour in the world. It has more of a triangle shape to provide great moment of inertia, but it will not bother golfers who prefer the traditional head shape.

How to Stay Down on Your Golf Swing

One thing that beginner golfers struggle with is not being able to stay down on the ball. What can be done to improve a struggling golfer’s ability to stay down on the ball?

Golf Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Game

If you really want to improve your golf game, then you are probably looking for the best drills to practice. But what are the best golf drills to practice? Here I give you my top 3.

What Part of My Golf Swing Should I Be Focusing on to Consistently Hit the Ball Clean?

If you are looking to improve your golf game, the main thing you are probably focusing on is your swing. But what part of your swing should you focus on in order to perfect the right technique?

Golf Swing – Should it Be Led by the Shoulders Or the Upper Body?

Some golf instructors teach that you should lead your golf swing with your shoulders, but some golf professionals say that the swing should be led by the lower body, followed by the shoulders. What is the best way to perform your golf swing?

Golf Swing – What Adjustments Can I Make to Hit the Ball Straight?

Every golfer knows how important it is to hit the ball straight, but many golfers have a problem when it comes to this. What adjustments can you make to your golf swing to hit the ball straight?

Golf Swing – Your Spine Angle

If you’re new to golf and you’re finding that your swing is all wrong, then it could be the angle of your spine. What can you do to improve the angle of your spine, if anything?

Putting Tips – Distance Control

Lots of golfers play for years before finally learning that distance control is more important than reading the break of a green, or your putting stroke in general. Mostly, this is because the average “hard” putt that you face is between 15 and 35 feet, and these puts are hard to hit for a reason. Pros hit them only about 60% of the time, and the average duffer is a lot closer to 10 or 20%.

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