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Golf Course Management – Developing a Strategic Approach to Golf

Golf course management and strategic play are an important element that every golfer should have in their “kit bag”. Ironically enough, the higher the handicap, the more important it is to think strategically around the golf course. Yet most beginning golfers have no clue about this important aspect of the game.

Add Distance With Improved Golf Posture

The computer age has done wonders for bringing the world closer together, but it’s ruining our golf swings. Sitting all day, hunched over your computer, does not bode well for posture in general, and can wreck havoc on your performance on the golf course.

Working on Your Golf Swing

Many people would never stop to consider that a golf pro would use a teaching aid to improve his golf swing, but the real truth is that they certainly do. They didn’t get their reliable golf swing without constant work. Do your research and you will uncover some good stuff that will help you; try to find practical aids and if you can, try them out before you buy.

Developing a Short Game Strategy

With the golf season upon us its a good time to revisit your strategy for scoring and improving your approach to the short game. A key part of improving your score is making two shots out of three by using a more strategic approach and by practicing distance control.

Lose Weight While Improving Your Golf Swing

One of the benefits I often hear from my clients is that they lose weight while working to improve their golf games. While not a priority for many who enter into the golf fitness program, it is a welcomed benefit.

Golf Fitness – The New Frontier in Improving Your Game

With all of the people out there advertising how they can help you lose weight, build muscle, and so forth its hard to believe what is real or not. Is there something out there that can actually make you a visibly better golfer?

Butt Out – Play Better Golf

Golf is dynamic, it is a sport of moving parts and all those parts are connected to you. So with that in mind how do we set up dynamically?

Golf Basics – Golf For Beginners

Golf basics for the new golfer. Golf is a fantastic sport for people of all ages but it can be a little scary for the novice. Hopefully these few tips on golf basics will get you started on the road to success.

The Art of Golf Instruction

Golf is a funny game; you can hear a great tip and put it to work for a few days, or even a few weeks, but then it is gone. It is gone and you are back to floundering all over again.

How to Chip a Golf Ball – It’s Not Fishy

To play a chip shot the stance is very important, if your set up is wrong you will never be consistent. Address the ball with your feet quite close together and your weight mostly on your forward foot, if it is on the back foot you will have a tendency to scoop the ball.

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