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Cheap Golf Clubs – Tips on How to Find Them

Golf is considered a millionaire’s game, and for a couple of good reasons. Golf equipment simply doesn’t come cheap for those people who have ample time to play and learn the game. Here are a few things that you need to know about cheap golf clubs.

Golf Swing Instruction – Discover This Cure For the Dreaded Pull For Duffers

Imagine standing on the tee with driver in hand fully confident knowing you’ll be playing your next shot from the fairway. Don’t let the fear of pulling your tee shot left keep you from making your best swing. You pull for a reason and that reason can be identified and corrected. Learn the key to preventing a pull before your next round.

Planning the Perfect Golf Holiday

To organize a great golf holiday tour, you need to do some research. If you love this sport and want to enjoy some time away with friends and spouses, then you should consider putting a tour together, by looking at fabulous golf courses throughout the world.

Is Golf Club Making Worth the Effort?

It’s no secret that golf clubs can be expensive and especially during the current recession, there are a lot of other golfers out there trying to save on clubs. One way to save on the cost of new clubs is to make your own – and golf club making is not as difficult as you may have thought.

Do You Fear Making Mistakes in Golf?

If you fear making big mistakes in playing then your not alone. Tiger Woods and other great superstars who stand to win big paychecks from making or losing on short putts have this same fear as a weekend golfer. Taking the safe route has its own costs.

Buy Your Loved One the Perfect Christmas Golf Gift – An Exotic Golf Putter

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas Golf Gift for your loved one? Are they absolutely golf nuts and passionate about their game? Why not consider treating them to an Exotic Golf Putter and give them something that they will not only remember for the rest of their lives, but will make them stand out in a crowd and fill their Golf game with confidence.

Are You Having Problems With Your Golf Swing? – Take This Test

Golfers spend thousands of dollars on the latest equipment to play at the finest golf courses only to find themselves frustrated because it seems no matter how good the equipment they use and the quality of the courses they play on, their overall game never seems to improve. If you’re having problems with your golf swing, if you’re constantly slicing or hooking the ball, take our test and let us help solve the problem.

Winter Golfing Practice Tip – Hone a Better Mental Game With This Off Season Tip For Duffers

Revealed: A secret method you can use to improve your golf game this winter. Golf skills erode when not being used on a regular basis. How will you keep sharp this winter? Learn how you can take full advantage of the off season to maintain and even improve your golf game.

Take Control of Your Golf Mindset and Play Better Golf

In order to Play Your Best Golf, You Must Take Control of Your Golf Mindset. Jokingly, I have always said, “Golf is 80% mental and the other 20% is in your head”. If you think about it, this really isn’t that far off. Our subconscious mind controls what our bodies do naturally and our conscious mind screws it all up. One problem I think Golfers of all levels have, is trying to compete with the other players within their playing group, rather than playing within their own game.

How to Play Hybrid Golf Clubs

You have heard all the hoopla surrounding hybrid golf clubs for the last couple of years. You watch the pros on television and see that even they are using hybrids. You find yourself wondering if you should make the switch too, but the question that you keep coming back to is, how do you play hybrid golf clubs, and how will they impact my golf score?

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