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Golf Mental Game – First Tee Jitters – Are You a Victim?

Golf is a mental game. How do you feel on the first tee of an important golf round? If you are like most golfers, you have difficulty in controlling slightly negative thoughts. How do we overcome this? Here’s a few tips to help you.

The Secret to Improving Your Golf Scores – Three Basic Elements

The secret to improving your scores is to work on the basic elements of improving your fundamentals, setting better goals when you play and tracking your results to help focus your practice efforts. When I was working to improve and became a single-digit handicap golfer, I reached a point where it was difficult to find things to work on to continue to lower my handicap. I found the best way to do that was by hitting the most important shot in golf, well. And that’s the next shot that I am hitting. Improvement beyond a certain point becomes an issue of working on three fairly basic elements…

Tiger Woods Swing Speed Or How to Increase Your Swing Speed in Six Simple Steps

Tiger Woods reaches a phenomenal swing speed of 130 mph! Read on to discover how you can increase your swing speed in six simple steps.

DIY Golf Course – How to Build a Backyard Green

Diehard golf fans are a breed all their own. Many travel hundreds of miles and spend thousands of dollars to play in new, exciting locales.

Tiger Woods on Tee – His Training Secret Revealed

Watching Tiger Woods on tee is amazing. But did you know that he uses a special training techniques that has nothing to do with spending hours on the practice field?

Golf Swing Problems That Are Commonly Encountered and How to Fix Them

Golf swing problems are often the most common problems in the sport. Even those that play professionally also are not spared from some golf swing problems. It can be a challenge indeed to hit the ball correctly in golf. Read on to find out how to fix them.

How to Get in Shape to Play Golf

The purpose of this article is to go over some of the things you need to think about in terms of your physical conditioning. A specialist golf fitness instructor will be able to put you on a program to resolve the common problems described below.

The Absolute Best Way to Find Cheap Golf Equipment

Psst. Golf ball players love their equipment. It’s no wonder. Golf equipment looks great when you take it out on the course with your family and friends. The shiny golf club can be quite impressive as the sunlight hits it. However, the look and appearance of these supplies does not come without a price tag.

The Secret to Golf Driving Distance – Swing in “The Slot” For Longer Golf Drives

We’ve all felt swinging in “the slot” at one time or another and marveled at how it leads to longer drives. So how do we repeat this power producing move? Read the secret to “swinging in the slot” and learn a couple tips for doing it consistently right here…

Hit Longer Golf Drives With 3 Small Tweaks to Your Set-Up

The swing path necessary to hit longer golf drives all starts in the set-up to the golf ball. Are you sick of the weak fade shot or the massive slice that just eats up your distance potential? Try these 3 quick tweaks to your set-up to the golf ball and you will be hitting longer golf drives next time you tee it up…

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