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Five Ways to Stay Warm on the Course

Professional and even amateur golfers will say that they enjoy hitting a round early in the morning, before starting their day. When the greens are still moist and the air is crisp, golfers can play their best games. However, in order to be the best at their game, golfers also have to be equipped with appropriate clothing to stay warm while they play. Here are five ways to stay warm on the course.

How to Sell Used Golf Equipment Quickly

Selling used golf equipment is an easy way to make quick cash. With a little effort and know-how, you can get rid of it quickly. To get started, prepare the equipment for sale. Make sure everything is clean and looks as good as possible. If you are selling online, you may want to take good quality photos of the equipment. Once you have done that, you are ready to start selling.

How to Find New Golf Equipment For Cheap

The easiest way to find out how to find new golf equipment for cheap is to make sure to do the proper research. Doing the proper research will help to make an enjoyable golf equipment buying experience much more likely.

Forearm Balance and the Golf Swing

There’s little written about the relationship the forearm muscle groups have with the golf swing and it’s an area that needs more attention. The ability to maintain a good wrist hinge, enhancing clubhead speed and making efficient contact with the golf ball is influenced quite a bit by the forearms, wrists, and hands. At issue is that many of us are walking around with a strength imbalance in our forearms.

3 Ways to Play Mental Golf

Picture a flag in the middle of the fairway or the spot where you want to land the ball. Its amazing, just by giving yourself a precise target on the fairway, how many more times you can find the fairway in regulation.

Why Low Back Injury Remains Number 1 Among Golfers

There are two main reasons why almost 40% of amateur golfers experience chronic low back discomfort and/or acute injury. The first is technical in nature and the other has to do with muscular deficiencies.

The Mental Side of Golf, Just As Important As Your Golf Swing

The mental side of golf can be just as challenging as trying to learn and develop your golf swing. But there are some things that you can do to have a solid mental approach to your golf game.

Should a Beginner Golfer Take Golf Lessons Or Not?

A good question is whether beginning golfers will benefit from golf lessons. Should they wait to take lessons until they have played some golf? Find out here and know where to invest your time.

Strengthen Your Mind on the Practice Tee

Everyone wants to have a strong mind, but you don’t get one for the asking. The best way to develop a strong mind is to practice with a strong mind. It’s hard to do. It demands more of you than correcting a swing flaw does. But if you accept the challenge, your game will improve beyond what you thought was possible.

How to Choose Golf Club – Golf Clubs For Beginners

Taking up golf? First of all, consider the pre-requisites that need to be satisfied before you tee off for the first time. Besides learning the rules of the game and, if possible, developing an awareness of the expected etiquette and such, you will definitely need to avail yourself of the appropriate equipment!

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