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Be Selective When Shopping for Ladies Golf Shoes

Even though there are a lot of ladies golf shoes for you to choose from, you should shop with a bit of caution. Make sure any footwear you purchase is made by a credible brand that is known for quality.

Can You Become Instantly Confident? You Can If You Pose Like This!

The body influences the mind and the mind influences the body. When your body assumes a confident pose your mind soon follows with a feeling of self-assurance. Learn how new research has verified the mind/body connection and how you can almost instantly become confident by just posing like a confident person poses.

The 7 Hottest Golf Cart Accessories for 2013

The weather is starting to heat up and it is time to get back to golfing! Find out the 7 hottest golf cart accessories for 2013 so you can have the coolest golf cart on the course!

The Golf Lesson – Setup (Part One)

This is the first part of a series of articles that will take a student through the basics of developing a golf swing written by a PGA golf professional. Highlighting the articles will be some common problems and difficulties encountered by the students while practicing and specific drills with the use of training aid devices to help offset them.

Guide to Effective Golf Course Management

Smart golfers carefully think through every shot before they ever step up to hit it. They think through all the factors that will go into the shot, and then they will create a sure plan. In this manner they will be able to hit every shot with confidence,…

Quality Mens Golf Shoes Can Save Your Feet on the Course

You should pay special attention to what you wear on your feet each time you go to the course. Invest in good quality mens golf shoes and your feet will thank you.

Use This 4 Step Program to Get Golf Fit and Hit It Long and Straight

Are you ready for the Golf season? How about your body, Is your body ready to power your golf game to new heights? Lets be realistic, Golf is a physical game and it’s your body that provides the power for your Golf swing.

5 Tips to Stop Hooking Your Driver

Golf is a game where a lot of body movement is involved. It is vital to be aware of the body rotation, balance, and holding the grip perfectly, so you can hit the target successfully. However, sometimes it is not possible to get exact movement and many golfers face problems with hooking the driver. There are 5 tips to stop hooking your driver which we will discuss in detail but let us first talk about how and in what way do people hook the driver.

A Good Pair of Golf Shoes Can Improve Your Game and Appearance

The next time you go to the course to play a few holes, take a look at your feet. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of golf shoes for comfort.

Proven Techniques To Improve Your Golf Swing

The whole body is used in the complex motion of the golf swing. It may surprise you to learn that as many as 32 different muscles can be used during the course of a swing. In order to improve, regularly repeating the movement with the proper form is what is required.

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