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Fairway Woods Or Rescue Clubs

Which is better for your game, Fairway Woods or Rescue Clubs? Well it really depends on which type of ball striker you are. Do you ‘hit’ or ‘sweep’ the golf ball and how will you know which you are?

The Golfers Fitness

The Golfers Fitness never really improves by playing the game. It’s not like football, Athletics, Swimming or cycling where it gets your heart racing and increases your blood flow.

The Golfers Mindset

The Golfers mindset is an ever changing animal that rides along on the the roller coaster of emotions that is found in a typical round of golf. The average golfer is usually only a couple of shots away from beating themselves up and the better the player the less forgiving they seem to be on themselves.

The Right Golf Ball For Your Game

A lot of amateur golf players do not pay attention to the type of golf balls they used. Using the right golf balls for their type of game will help them enjoy the game and improve their score. Scores can improve by using latest type of golf balls which performed well in and around the greens without sacrificing control and distance.

David Nevogt and the Simple Golf Swing Review

David Nevogt is the author of the Simple Golf Swing and he has developed an amazingly innovative system that can transform the golf swing of golfers around the world. His simple five stage process has helped literally thousands of struggling golfers to improve their scores with ease. His famous system owes part of its success to his close association with professional golf trainer and legend Bobby Eldridge who helped make the system as successful as it is.

Tiger’s Wire to Wire PGA Victory Gets Short Circuited by Yang!

Some information about the PGA Tournament played at Hazeltine Country Club in Chaska, Minnesota where Tiger Woods could not hold the lead after being two strokes agead at the turn on Sunday – Unprecedented for him. Yang also made some noise and came in alone in 5th place at the Buick, tied for 19th at Firestone and has played well as of late and stood at 110 in the World Rankings until his PGA win, which should put him well ahead of that number.

Tiger Woods Wallpaper – Pictures of a Great Man

I think when you keenly consider Tiger Woods and how far he has come in the game of golf; then inevitably, you will also begin to sense the deep spirit in his pictures. His mixed parentage of his mother with all the Thai and Black American blood and his father of African American and Latin blood, Tiger carries this unique…

Golf Club Length

Playing golf could be very challenging if the golf club length is not given the first priority. This is because making a golf swing will not be easy. A good and properly measure golf club will therefore be of importance. However, before measuring the required length of a golf club, you need to…

Golf Club Ratings – What Do I Do?

Before you actually settle and start playing a professional golf game that which will involve other pros as well you need to do golf club ratings to come up with one single bit exclusive one that will make your golfing days enjoyable and an experience. No one will be happy to play in a condition that is not right and conducive for the game and therefore you should be keen in your selection and final decision. The following are some of the steps and procedures one should take when rating golf clubs.

How to Get a Golf Instruction Dvd

Do you want to get more instruction on playing golf, developing better golf club swing speed and golf club size at the comfort of your home? If yes, then just get a golf instruction DVD to give the best tips which could make you a golf top scorer.

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