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Putting Tips – Three More Tips to Help You Read the Green

Last time, we talked about how we don’t really want to read the green, we want to read the putt. We don’t care what the green is going to do, we only care about what our putt is going to do. Visualizing the speed, line, and break of the putt, working backwards from the hole to where the ball rests, can give us a powerful tool to determine how firm to strike the ball, and on what line.

Callaway Golf Umbrellas

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Ben Hogan Golf Swing – How Did He Do It?

Ben Hogan had one of the greatest swings in golf. What was his secret to mastering the golf swing? Find out here.

Chipping Tips For Golf – The Short Game is Very Important and So is Chipping!

Are you the type of golfer that always has a wedge or a putter in your hands when you are around the green? Did you know that there is a much better way to get onto the green and closer to the hole? The best thing you can do when you are on the fringe or not very far off the green is chip with a 7, 8, or 9 iron. Here are the top three chipping tips to help you play better around the green.

Alignment Tips For Golf – Getting Set Up Correctly Makes a Huge Difference!

If you know anything about golf, then you know that in order to hit the target you are aiming for there are many components that go into the swing. One thing that is completely necessary to help you hit your target is to get some very good alignment tips. If you are not aligned correctly at your target, then you will never stand a chance when it comes to hitting your actual target. This means that you will miss a lot of fairways and greens. Here is what you should know about aligning properly.

The Best Golf Tips – Getting the Most Out of Your Game of Golf Each and Every Time You Play!

Are you sick of playing golf and knowing you could have played much better than you did? Do you want to show up all your golfing friends by shooting much lower scores than they have ever seen you shoot?

Golf Practice Tips – Practice Makes Perfect, But Not Exactly in Golf!

Golf is a game that is won by the person that has the best missed shots. The thing that we do not realize when we watch great golfers is that 80% of the time they missed when it comes to what they were trying to do with the ball. The difference is that their miss might leave them a 15 foot putt where your miss leaves you a 20 yard chip. This comes from practice and that is why you are being provided with the top three golf practice tips.

Inventing a New Putter Impact Training Aid – What it Takes

The development of a new putter impact training aid is described. Evolution from idea, to prototype, to finished product is explained. Features and benefits are given. Importance of putter face alignment at impact is explained.

Putting Tips – Three Tips to Help You Read the Green

Getting good at reading a green certainly takes practice, and a lot of experience. It’s something you will get better at the more you do it. However, there are some basics that you can learn, and try in just about every situation. One thing to keep in mind is that we really aren’t interested in reading the green, we are interested in reading the putt. That is, we don’t care what the green does, we care what the ball is going to do.

Hey PGA Tour, Your Meal Ticket Needs Some Help

So now, with the big man knocked off of his throne by not you but some women, you think he is going to get his. Well, you had better take another look and see that you will get yours eventually. That money is not going to follow most of you journeyman players. Hell they now might cut back the tournaments and even the size of the fields. Take that, we got you now Tiger.

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