Jim Furyk explains the long iron mistakes amateur golfers make

How to Grip a Golf Club For the Best Results

When it comes to learning how to grip a golf club there is one important factor involved that I do not see too many golf enthusiasts talking about, how the thumb should be planted on the shaft. Tournament players, instructors, golf professionals, and weekend golfers alike all share a different view on the matter. Should your thumb be loose? Should it be pressed down tightly? Should the thumb just lie down flat against the top of the shaft?

Fourteen Sticks in a Sack

Per U.S.G.A. rules you can have 14 golf clubs in your bag.You can only have 1 putter, in fact, you can only have one club set up like a putter. For instance, some people have chippers in their bag, these clubs have to be set up like a iron.

Sample Scottish Golf at Its Best With Edinburgh Golf Breaks

Golf breaks in Scotland offer the chance to play some of the best courses in the country. However, with golf breaks in Edinburgh, there’s more than just great golf on offer.

How Do I Swing a Golf Club For Accuracy and Distance? Here is Your Answer in 3 Steps!

How do I swing a golf club is one of the most common questions asked by all golfers, especially those that do not play very often or are just learning the game. The golf swing can be difficult to master, because your body has so many parts that are moving at the same time. However, their are a few things that you can do in order to increase your chance of success and play better golf in a short amount of time, and here are 3 keys to help you do that.

Playing Golf Shots Out of the Rough – 10 Top Tips to Keep You in the Game

Even the top professional golfers spend time in the rough, so as amateurs we’ve got to face that fact that we’re likely to be playing a significant amount of our golf in the long grass. If you accept the previous statement – and I think that it would be difficult to argue against it – it seems surprising that we don’t spend more time in practicing playing golf shots from the rough.

Don’t Ignore the Long Iron Golf Shot – 4 Straightforward Tips to Make it Work For You

In today’s golf game, you don’t find many club golfers carrying long irons anymore, i.e. 1,2 and 3 irons, because they have been replaced by metal fairway woods and rescue clubs, which are marketed as being easier to hit. In my opinion this is a pity, because I believe that whilst the long-iron golf shot isn’t necessarily the easiest, it still has a distinct role to play in an all-round game.

The Secret Tip to Sand Trap Shots

The best policy when playing golf is to stay out of trouble. But any golfer good or bad knows that is an impossibility. There are too many demons lying in wait for an errant drive or iron shot.

Golfing in the Rain – Top Tips to Keep Your Game Under Control and Your Score Intact

You have to think about how you are going to play, when golfing in the rain and be mindful of special water-related rules, which you can legitimately use to your advantage. It’s easy to let the bad weather drag you down and ruin your score, to get cold and stiff and want nothing more than to return to the warmth of the clubhouse. However, it’s good to keep in mind that you came to the golf course to enjoy yourself (despite the weather) and this is your chosen hobby – it’s not some chore that your boss is forcing you to do. Therefore, when golfing in the rain, think about the following tips, keep your game under control, your score intact and enjoy the day.

Golfing in the Rain – 10 Tips to Get You Better Prepared Than Your Competition and Make You Smile

I don’t think that anyone could say that they truly enjoy golfing in the rain – surely everyone dreams of playing in short sleeves on a perfect early summer’s day with only a hint of a breeze to occasionally flutter the flag. However, whilst the rain may dampen your spirits, you can make a few simple preparations to make sure that you enjoy playing golf in the rain as much as you possibly can – after all, it’s still better than work, isn’t it?

Play Great Golf “Flop” Shots – 4 Easy Tips to Impress Your Friends and Improve Your Game

One of the highest tariff shots in the game of Golf must be the ‘Flop’ shot – when it comes off it is incredibly effective and spectacular, but if you get it wrong, you can leave yourself 50 yards and more away from the intended target. Let’s face it, this is a shot that can make you feel pretty embarrassed if it’s not executed properly and it’s why a lot of us club golfers prefer not to risk it.

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