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Think Before You Swing

If you are seriously thinking of taking up golf, or perhaps you may have just started playing then you really should take some time out to work through your pre-shot routine. Professional golfers work meticulously through their routine before they take their backswing and, should their concentration ever be broken, they’ll stand back from the ball, and go through the whole process again. So it is important to get yourself a routine and one that you will adhere to, every time before the start of your back swing.

Can You Swing Like Tiger Woods?

There are innumerable books, videos and CD’s written about the golf swing hungrily purchased by thousands of frustrated golfers hoping to improve at the sport and yet, so many (me included), have not really benefited from this vast ocean of golfing expertise. I cannot pick out one book or one CD in my collection that truly helped improve my swing.

Titleist AP2 710 Irons Review

Using the latest ground-breaking technology, the new Titleist AP2 710 Irons have all the ingredients that the serious golfer is looking for. Find out why they have become extremely popular on tour with my Titleist AP2 710 Irons Review.

Golf Equipment: Selection Tips for Beginners

Choosing the right golf equipment will not only improve your skill at the game of golf but also save you a lot of money. Having the right golf equipment is a crucial aspect of the game, but it might be difficult at first to identify which golf equipment will suit your game and your playing style the best.

Golf Swing Power – Simple Ways To Achieve More

Golfers often look to ‘swing mechanics’ when trying to get extra power for their golf swing. However most golfers overlook the simple things one can do OFF the course to obtain that additional power. This article explores those secret ways.

Hybrid Golf Clubs and Why You Should Have One

Hybrid golf clubs are the latest addition to the wide variety of clubs used by golf players. their popularity has sky-rocketed over the past years mainly because of one thing – they are easier to hit than any other golf club in the world.

The Advantage of a Golf Range Finder

Golf is one of the most popular games that is played right across the globe. It is a game in which the player must be able to calculate the exact distance from the position of your ball to the pin. And with the wonderful advances that are occurring in every walk of life, many companies have come up with Golf Range Finder that is actually a tool that is made use of to determine the accurate distance of the ball to the pin.

Lessons About Golf Club Short Irons

The recognized short irons among a set of clubs are the 8, 9, pitching wedge, and sand wedge, although there are some instances that wedges have several added distinctions that are obtained individually. As what their name implies, they have smaller shafts and are utilize normally from range of up to 140 yards. The club heads of these short irons gives the optimum launch to make the ball fall near to the target as possible with just the lowest roll as it can have.

Helpful Advice Concerning Grip And Golf Swing

One of the vital things to consider in improving an efficient golf swing is a correct club grip. It’s because the hand is the only component of the body which transmits the force in a golf swing. You cannot create a solid strike in the club face if you make an improper club grip which results to a few strike mistakes. The grasping of club is the main piece which commands the direction of the clubface. This means that the way your body reacts depends on how you strike the club.

An Insight Into Golf Clubs

Many years ago long before the present golf clubs came into being people who played the game used clubs that they made out of wood and there were even people who simply used wooden sticks to hit the ball. But with the game becoming extremely popular in Scotland later years it was termed Golf and even the clubs took on a new look and with every passing decade the golf club became more and more sophisticated. They were made of iron then, but today the newest clubs are created from a material called titanium and are not very heavy.

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