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6 Tips to Fix Chipping Yips

Chipping yips are those herky-jerky, flinchy golf nerves that strike when it’s time to make a chip shot. Although the yips are manifested physically, they start in the golfer’s mind. Since the mind controls what the body does, curing the problem requires investigation of both thinking and execution. It can take time and patience to beat the chipping yips. But if you work through all the steps, you’ll be able to find out what sets yours off and fix it.

How Your Hand And Wrist Movements Affect Your Golf Swing

To get a good golf swing, it helps to understand the roles your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders play in your swing. Independently, each plays a fundamental part, but finally they must function as a unit. Once the component breaks down, the others will be involved too. Read more to find out more about how your hand and wrist movements affect your golf swing.

The Secret To Hitting A Consistent Flop Shot

Many times in a round of golf, a higher, softer landing shot is needed to get the ball close to the hole. This shot is the flop shot. Often called one of the hardest shots in golf, the flop shot can be successfully hit by any level of player as long as they are able to adhere to the following keys.

A Few Basic Notions About Golf

Golf is a quite popular game, which means that you should know a few basic things about it. Therefore, here are some introduction points on this game, a game which is quite controversial, but also very nice. First of all, you should know that the teeing ground is the place where the tee is, the wooden, plastic or metal support the ball is put on so that it is easier for the player to hit it.

Follow the Trend and Play Golf

Golf is actually a very controversial sport, which involves a lot of walking and not a lot of running, such as in most of the cases with sports. However, people shouldn’t think of it as a sport for the lazy ones, but for those who have very good coordination skills and who have a posture. Also, it is for those who pay enough attention not to drop the golf club.

Neo Golf GPS – Your Basic Golf GPS Guide

The Neo golf GPS from iGolf may not look like much, but it’s surprising how much attention it’s getting from golfers. It may not be the market’s most sophisticated, but it’s winning over more loyal fans. Find out why.

Basic Chipping Types in Golfing

The ability to chip well is an integral facet of a successful golf game. If you are able to be proficient in chipping the ball well, you can easily see your golf scores become lower and lower. This article discusses the chip shot and three easy to use methods that can help you improve your chipping ability.

Basic Steps for Perfect Putting In Golf

This article covers a few quick and easy steps for perfect putting. By following these steps, you’ll be able to see your putting improve in no time.

Winter Golf

Simply because it is chilly doesn’t mean you can not play golf. Several of my more enjoyable golfing moments came whilst playing cross-country or wintertime golf. I lived in Indiana for about 12 years. For 10 of the years, I lived in West Lafayette, just a hundred and twenty miles from Chicago, IL. For most, a particular golf season ran from April through early October. The sole month I did not enjoy golf was The month of January!

Golf Balls Are a Threat for Nature

Scientists warn us that the golf balls golf players lose are a major threat to the environment, given the fact that they can only decompose in over one hundred years. In fact, their natural decomposition can last between one hundred years and one thousand years. Scientists have discovered that golf balls release a large quantity of heavy metals during the decomposition process, including large and dangerous amounts of zinc. These would be the conclusions reached by the Danish Association of Professional Golf.

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