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Improve Your Golf Backswing With These Easy Tips

Understanding your golf backswing can take on a significant role in determining how good you play the fantastic game of golf. It goes without saying that you will remain a high handicapper if you suffer from a wretched backswing. Most weekend hackers learn to alter their games to poor backswings and accept scores in the 90’s or above. These scores will fall impressively by simply improving your back swing. A proper golf swing plane can add accuracy and distance to your shots and have a massive result in the pleasure you have impressing your golf partners.

Golf Swing Power: What Your Legs Should Be Doing To Hit Longer Golf Drives

In this article on the golf swing you’ll discover what you should do with your leg’s so you can hit longer golf drives. Plus you’ll get some great golf drills to improve your leg action so you get more power in your golf swing.

Enjoy Your Golf Experience Using Sound Golf Swing Mechanics

You will enjoy your golfing experience more if you use sound golf mechanics from the start. Learning sound golf swing mechanics will give you the tools to improve your score. This will require practice, but in the long run it will be worth it. Golf swing mechanics can be broken down into different components. These components include the stance, posture, grip, backswing and follow though.

Golf Lessons Online

With the advent of the internet and cell phones we now have the ability to take and send videos of our golf swing immediately. If you are going to do this, make sure that you take the video views from these two distinct positions.

Golf Swing: How To Achieve The Power Impact Position

Golf swing power is determined by what happens at impact. To hit solid, accurate and long golf shots then you absolutely must have the correct left wrist position at impact. Read this article to learn a great golf swing drill to help you get into the correct wrist impact position in your golf swing.

5 Golf Driving Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Drives

In order to get the most out of your drives, you need to generate clubhead speed. This means that you must have a full shoulder turn, proper weight transfer and your upper and lower body must work in a synchronized fashion.

Titleist Golf Bags

Titleist golf bags are not only a convenient way to transport your golfing needs, but they have become a status symbol as well. Titleist is a brand built on a reputation of fine craftsmanship, durability, convenience, and tradition. The Titleist brand also sponsors some of the world’s most successful golfers and outfits even the most novice of players.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Gold Clubs

Golfing is a very relaxing sport. Many people like to golf to get their aggression out while others like to golf because they find the green of the course to be serene and relaxing. Golf clubs and other golfing accessories are rather expensive so there are a few things that you should strongly consider before purchasing a set of nice, new golf clubs.

Read More About the Sport Golf

Golf is a popular outdoor game that is played on a large and wide course. The golf course feature hole, from nine to eighteen and it is played with a club and ball. The golf player, also known as golfer tries to hit the ball into the holes.

Senior Golf Exercise Tips – Play the Best Golf of Your Life

They offered to spot me 3 strokes a side to make it fair. I took them up on it and little did they know… You see, my buddies are a few years younger than I am and so they thought they were being nice. Even though I am considered a senior doesn’t mean I have lost a lot of distance in my game. Granted I no longer hit drives over 300 yards, but I still out drive most players I team up with.

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