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The Correct Golf Grip is the Foundation on Which to Improve and Keep Improving Your Game

Once we realise that the grip is the only connection between the player and the golf club – we will also realise why it is so crucial to get this part of our game right. Essentially, we need to achieve the correct golf grip.

Golf Exercises For a Fantastic Game

In order to get those amazing drives you need to do the proper golf exercises. This article will tell you what exercises are a must for a fantastic game.

The Shot Routine – How to Get “In the Zone” During Every Golf Shot

It is what we need to continually repeat and practice to become better players. It enables us to go into a concentration zone on demand, during our rounds and practice.

What is the Most Important Thing to Practice For Lower Golf Scores?

Yesterday I played a round with a Callaway Sales Manager at The Wisley Golf Club, Surrey, England. Our discussions confirmed to me one of the key premises of my mental game teaching.

Will You Benefit From Buying Graphite Golf Clubs?

Compared to the more traditional steel shaft golf clubs, graphite golf sets weigh much less and are much more flexible. For new players or players who look for lower resistance while swinging, graphite golf clubs are better since they can weight only half as much as traditional clubs.

Improve Your Game by Getting Specialist Sunglasses For Golf

Do you find it difficult to see the ball when playing golf in bright light conditions, despite wearing your usual sunglasses? Then it’s time to improve your visual acuity and therefore your game by investing in specialist sunglasses for golf.

Anatomy of a Golf Swing

A lot of people envy the likes of Tiger Woods because of his world championship winning golf swing. To the avid golfer, the joy of watching these pros in action and seeing the way they swing the club to hit the ball is a joy like no other. To a true follower of the sport the precision of the swing is the Holy Grail of golf. The golf swing is the crucial skill that separates the novice from the veteran and the golfer from the poser.

8 Things to Put in Your Golf Bag

I have had a long career in golf, from professional tournaments to Saturday mornings with some buddies. Rain or shine, cold or hot, I have played in just about every condition imaginable (thank you Chicago weather).

Discover How to Play Golf For Beginners

You must be looking for information on how to play golf for beginners. People take up this sport for many reasons. What is your reason?

How Do We Learn the Optimal Golf State of Mind?

Learning how to practice the inner game is the key to playing better golf. After all, it’s your mind that controls your preparation and your swing, and it’s your mind that has to process the outcome of a shot.

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