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All Putts Are Not Created Equal

A recent study by Devin Pope and Maurice Schweitz of the Wharton School, titled Is Tiger Woods Risk Averse? Persistent Bias on the Face of Competition, and High Stakes, shows that PGA pros make identical putts 3.3% less often if it is a birdie putt than a par putt. Why? Because they are risk averse, just like you and me.

Every Golfer Should Play Blades

There’s a rumor going around that blades are for low-handicappers only. Middle- and high-handicappers should stick with cavity-back irons. Game improvement irons. Like most rumors, this one doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Common Myths About Golf Exercise Programs

Up until the last few years, very few golfers knew about how to properly incorporate a golf specific exercise program into their training for the sport. These days however, with more and more golfers becoming leaner, fitter and stronger, if you are going to compete with your fellow golfers you are going to need to spend some time looking after yourself through a golf specific exercise program.

Golfers – Trust Your Swing

The pros say to trust your swing. Just address the ball and swing away. Do you do that? Really?

Thinking About Taking Up Golf – Work On The Basics First

It’s amazing how many people take up the game of golf every year, the game is becoming more and more popular with the extra coverage it receives on television along with the different personalities that play the game. The great thing about it is that all types of people can play the game and it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old when you decide to give it a try, anyone can play.

Get A Solid Golf Swing With Golf Balance Exercises

Every amateur golfer should be using golf balance exercises as a way to improve their golf swing. Think about how often you’ve seen a fellow golfer out on the course who you can tell is just trying that little bit too hard in their golf swing meaning they end up off balance and hitting a poor shot that ultimately sets them up for a double or even triple bogey. It’s no surprise then that one of the biggest issues that is faced by amateur golfers is one of balance and stability during their golf swing.

Don’t Just Leave The Pros To Concentrate On Fitness For Golf

If you’ve watched golf on television at any point in the last few years it’s become pretty clear that the professionals are taking this whole ‘fitness for golf’ thing pretty seriously. The top players in the world all acknowledge that the golf swing takes a lot out of your body and if you aren’t prepared for the stresses that you are faced with you are likely to pay a pretty price.

Take The Time To Exercise & Reap The Benefits For Golf

If you are looking to be able to hit the golf ball as far as you can and as accurately as you can on a regular basis then you need to have the right level of strength and flexibility specific to the game of golf in order to be successful. Golf is quite a physical sport and can easily cause injury or muscular breakdown, so if you are aiming to play your best golf you should be exercising regularly.

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