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Fixing Your Golf Slice?

Golf Slice – most common problem for most golfers. And the sick part is most of them do not even know what causes golf slice problems. That is the reason why I decided to write this article. To simple give you an idea of the origin of this problem and to tell you how to fix it.

Fix Your Golf Slice

Don’t continue doing the same things and expecting different results! Use these three tips to help you get rid of the golf slice and shoot lower scores today!

Fix Your Golf Slice – Do These Six Things and Stop the Slice and Start Winning on Your Next Round

Fix your golf slice now and finally beat your friends and co-workers on your next round. Most average golfers will either slice at some point or worse all the time. Those of you who slice know how frustrating it can be and how difficult it is to correct.

Some Basic Golf Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

To win a game of golf it takes more than just a great swing. Having a good golf fitness program will give you the competitive edge on your next round of golf.

Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Putting Greens

One of the main problems with golf is that it can be expensive and time consuming to travel to a golf course for a few rounds of golf. Many people do not have the time and would like to practice in private. Due to this, the best golfers prefer to install a backyard putting green at home.

A Golf Swing Trainer – Could One Help You?

Do you enjoy your game of golf or do you end up getting frustrated? Does your accuracy let you down on occasions? Need help with getting more distance and improving speed so you can achieve par?

A Little Help With Golf-Putting Aids

Putting aids generally come in collective sets called putting kits. Along with putting tracks, mats, marking tools there are putter sights, balls, exclusively designed golfer goggles for making the alignment of the shot accurate and also many other golfing accessories.

How to Cure a Golf Slice and End Frustration

Finding a way to cure a golf slice is critical to your long term enjoyment of the game. Why do so many golfers live with the frustration of a consistent slice? Don’t be one of them.

How to Hit a Driver Straight – Key Points to Hitting the Driver Straight Consistently

Golf courses are filled with golfers who have relatively decent iron games, but don’t know how to hit a driver straight or long. Many golfers are downright scared to attempt to use their driver off the tee because they don’t want to be embarrassed by the result! Driving should be one of the funnest parts of the game and you should make it a priority to learn how to hit a driver straight.

Did Tiger Woods Win the Arnold Palmer Invitational Suffering With Back Pain?

Back pain can come from injuries in other areas of your body. (We call this the KINETIC CHAIN) One of the biggest contributors to back pain that I see in our clinics is problems starting in the knees. As most people know, recently Tiger Woods underwent a major knee surgery.

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