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Having Fun With Golf Cart Accessories

Being an owner of a golf cart has many advantages that one can appreciate. With the many choices of golf cart accessories you can give your golf cart a real personalized look. This gives you the option to show off your golf cart at the golf course or sidetrack your opponent with your carts flashy golf cart accessories.

Help Me Putt – Beginner Putting Tips (Start With The Basics And Putt Like A Pro)

Putting is such an important part of the golf game because out of all the clubs in your golf bag, the putter is used the most often. You take it out on all 18 holes be it a par 3, par 4 or par 5. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned golfer, it is always wise to return to the fundamentals of how to putt. Often taken for granted, these 3 things are the basics of being a good putter. Sometimes, a simple reminder of these 3 tips is all you need to feel more comfortable while putting.

How To Fix A Slice

If you’re like me, then you suffer from a slice. The only difference is that I have cured mine! The below guide is what I used to simply straighten out my shots and hit the ball further.

How To Play Golf Better

How to play better golf? You have spent hours of many days trying to perfect your game to no avail. Try these tips and tricks the professionals use to lower your score and play better golf!

History of Golfing and Equipment – Has It Really Changed That Much Over the Years?

Golf has seemingly carried a stigma for the last 100 years that it is a sport for the higher classes. With the light of recent media coverage and emerging popularisation of the sport, has it finally managed to shed this stigma?

How To Fix A Golf Slice

Golf is not just an aristocratic game played for relaxing in a warm summer day. It involves some serious sport and is considered one of the toughest of outdoor games needing patience and endurance to see through the small ball to its final destination, the hole. Golf is usually played in golf course and so it cannot be played in streets like we do in cricket and football. It is more of a professional game and without knowing some basic rules guidelines and a little practice you will be swinging the club all through the day but the ball will go nowhere.

Tips for Getting Good Quality Discount Golf Equipment

A lot of golfers are looking for discount golf equipment but not a lot of them expect good quality gear. On the contrary, there are a lot of great golf gears being offered online that are of great quality. It’s all about looking in the right places, and this involves knowing what you want, looking around for any other options, and looking for discount opportunities. In this article, these three steps will be elaborated to help the golfer, regardless whether he is a newbie or an intermediate player, find the best quality discounted golfing gears.

South Carolina Golf Vacations – Four Coastal Golf Package Destinations in South Carolina

Need help choosing a coastal South Carolina golf vacation? Here is a quick overview of four golf package destinations in South Carolina. If you are trying to decide between Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Charleston and Kiawah Island, this article should give you a head start.

Handheld Golf GPS Units – Garmin Approach Review

While out on the golf course do you find yourself guessing at how far away the fairway or green is? Guessing at how far your next shot needs to be can significantly affect the quality of your golf game.

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

Golf cart have now become a fashion statement for some golfers other than just a vehicle for relieving their burden of carrying the heavy golf equipments. Golf carts come in different types and prices to choose from.

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