J.J. Spaun talks heading straight to Augusta after his first win and playing with Mookie Betts

How Does the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Differ From a Conventional Golf Swing?

Did you ever notice that there really is no one set of fundamentals when it comes to the golf swing? Doesn’t that tell you something? Even among the pros – some aimed to the left, others to the right and some would go right down the middle. Which is really the best golf swing?

What Are the Best Clubs to Use As an Average Golfer?

Playing the right golf clubs is an important part of playing your best. With all the hype and advertising from manufacturers, trying to determine the best golf clubs for your game can be confusing to say the least. In this article I will cover what are the best clubs to use as an average golfer.

A Closer Look At The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is a revolutionary club that aims to help golfers improve their swing. The way this club works is based on the fact that at the tee, there is only a narrow range of swinging motions that would propel the golf ball in a straight line, and make it travel the maximum distance.

Essential Golf Swing Features

Everyone’s golf swing is different. That shouldn’t be a surprise, because every golfer is different. Just look at the different swings you see at your local course whenever you play. Even among professional golfers, there are marked differences. Those differences, though, are merely individual expressions of core movements of the golf swing, movements that you can easily build into yours.

Train For Golf With The Best Tools

One has to learn the best way to buy the devices that you will use in training for golf. To do it best, you may need some of the most important tips. Keep these in mind and make use of them as you decide on what to get.

Junior Golf Clubs That You Will See Now In The Market

It is very important that you will choose the right clubs for your child. A junior player needs your support all throughout. Keep the tips in your mind and make it as your guide with the choices that you have to be able to have the right one.

Cure a Slice With These 3 Simple Drills

More or less every golfer has at some point needed to cure a slice. If you’re one of them then following these simple drills will get you hitting the ball straighter, maybe even with a bit of a draw. Read on to find out how to make that slice a thing of the past.

Use Practice Putting Greens And Enjoy The Advantages

On each hole, putting is the culmination of all your efforts funneled right down to a single stroke. Putting is like a science and should be diligently rehearsed repeatedly in preparation for those clutch situations on the green. It’s the most overshadowed part of golf and can make or break a golfer.

A Few Simple Recommendations To Help Correct Golf Slice Problems

Reducing handicap is always the aim of people who are enthusiastic about playing golf. The golf slice is one challenge that often will cause complications for these types of golfers. It is a common issue and there are a variety of factors that can end up being the explanation for it. The information described in this article will allow you to correct your slice and start improving your scores right away.

Golf Clubs That I Need To Play Golf

Learning to play golf means that you need to have the best tools. If you seem to feel confused about the golf clubs that you can use in the game, you may always follow the tips being mentioned here. These will guide you to choose the best ones in the market today. Keep them in mind all the time.

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