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A Sneaky Golf Swing Tip That Will Transform Your Game

What if you could quickly take your swing and turn it into a solid powerful machine. The biggest challenge is, many do not believe this is possible, but let me tell you that it is.

Five Instant On-Course Fixes

Learning to maintain your poise when something goes wrong isn’t easy. It isn’t something you pick up from a golf lesson or a golf tip magazine. It’s something you learn on your own.

Playing by Feel

Many players with low golf handicaps generally take a scientific approach to the game. They play target golf. They use yardage books. And they study the greens. But some golfers with low golf handicaps play by feel.

The Simple Swing Tip That Guarantees Repeatable Accuracy & Distance

The biggest challenge that many golfers face is when they are on the first tee box, they get over the ball and begin to over analyze the swing. Rather than playing golf they are trying to remember how to play.

Buying Custom Graphite Shafts – Pitfalls

More and more pro golfers are switching to customer graphite shafts in their drivers. At last count, more than 90 percent of them use a custom graphite shaft in this club. Even players long known for with steel-shafted drivers have succumbed to this trend.

Hitting it Long and Straight – The Magic Move

Everybody wants to hit it longer and straighter, too. But the two don’t always go together, as I tell students taking my golf lessons. Those of us who hit them longer don’t always hit them straighter. And those of us who hit them straighter don’t always hit them longer.

Eliminating Exit Faults – Part I

Most golf lessons focus on the backswing or the downswing. So do most golf tips. But there’s growing interest in post-impact actions. The pros call it exit strategy. And it’s a great learning tool. It tells you not only went wrong during the swing but also what to correct.

Swing East, Hit Hard – Couples Style

Among the biggest mistakes weekend golfers make is thinking they must swing harder to drive the ball farther. That’s not so. You can swing easy and still hit the ball a long way, if you know what you’re doing-a point I’ve often stressed in my golf tips and golf lessons.

Re-Thinking Strategy Off the Tee

A recent survey conducted by Golf Digest generated some surprising results. The magazine tested 20 average golfers with golf handicaps ranging from 3 to 20. The golfers used clubs equipped with modern technological advancements. All else being equal, the test showed that there was little difference in accuracy between using a driver and 3-wood off the tee.

Practice With Scoring Clubs to Cut Golf Handicaps

Many golfers work hard at improving their games. They take golf lessons, memorize golf tips, and quiz better players. They also hit ball after ball on the practice range. Unfortunately, some golfers never seem to improve.

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