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Alignment in the Golf Swing – Advice For the Beginning Golfer

Did you ever try to drive a nail into a board? On the first swing you missed the nail and left a dent in the board. On the next swing you hit the edge of the nail, bent the nail, and left another mark on the board. Now you can claw the nail out and start again. You can also listen to your spouse make jokes and derisive remarks. We don’t hit a nail, a baseball or a golf ball. We swing a hammer, a bat or a golf club. Maybe we should learn how to swing and not how to hit.a bat or a golf club. Maybe we should learn how to swing and not how to hit.

Golf Swing Fundamentals – Drive it Straight

Regardless of the latest driver, fad, hint or latest tip from a magazine, you have to get the fundamentals of a basic, repeatable swing. Golfers, speaking fundamentally, who are able to hit the golf ball a long way, have three fundamental elements:

Buying a Cheap Golf Clubs Set – A Wise Strategy

Golf is a world wide game played for its adventure, skills and patience. But the reality sets in when you pursue the game in monetary terms.

The Three Golf Secrets

When you boil it down, there are only three things you need to do to MASTER your golf game in order to start shooting in the 70s and 80s. Now, it’s important for me to say two things right up front:

Golf Practice – The Better Way

The right to practice golf is to have in mind which part of your golf game needs improving and tailor your practice session to improve it. Secondly is to create pressure in the practice routine so that you can try to simulate actual playing condition to train your mind to handle such situation in an actual golf game.

Find the Best and Cheapest Putters For Sale Online

Have you ever experienced going from one golf shop to another in search of the perfect putter only to come home empty handed? Have you experienced looking at the selection of putters for sale in these shops only to feel disappointed? The selections of putters being displayed and sold in pro shops are always very limited because of space constraints and such.

How to Improve Your Golf Driver Distance

Discover three simple tips that can help improve your golf driver distance and read the product reviews about new golf drivers or a complete set. Learn what models are popular and discover what equipment is right for you.

Golf Swing – Flipping Hands at Impact

Some golfers find that when they swing, they feel their hands flipping as the club impact with the ball, and this causes a loss of distance. If this sounds like you, then do not fret, as this is a very common phenomenon in golf.

Learning Golf – Are You Finding it Hard?

Okay, so you’re new to golf, and you’ve played a few games and decided that you could benefit from some golf lessons. But what if those golf lessons make you feel disillusioned by how poor your golf technique is?

Golf Swing – Weight Transfer – Lateral Shift of Body Toward Target in Down Swing

If you have just started to play golf, or if you are still learning and want to improve your game, it is important to understand what happens when you swing at the ball. By understanding the kind of movements that happen, you can become more conscious of the mechanics of your own swing and how you can improve upon it.

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