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Top 5 Tips to Reading Putting Greens – The Hardest Skill in Golf!

Without question, reading putting greens is one of the hardest skills in golf to master, so don’t feel like you are alone if you are struggling with it at times. The majority of golfers, if honest, would admit that they have hit many a putt without having the foggiest idea of where it is going to end up, just hoping that it gets somewhere close to the hole!

Golf Clothing With Performance and Style

Golf clothing can be stylish as well as aid performance. Brands such as Under Armour, Peak and Cross are a prime example of this.

How to Play a Wet Bunker Shot

The Dreaded wet Bunker shot is something that sends shivers up the spine of most beginner golfers! The main use of the Sand wedge should be in dry sand as this develops a large amount of “Bounce”.

Most Wanted Golf Wear For 2010

This article is targeted at golf-enthusiasts. It discusses the apparel that will be popular for golfers in 2010, suggesting some items that are a good investment and some items that are not highly recommended.

What If I Told You the Ideal Golf Game Does Not Exist?

And so I prepare myself to be shot down in flames, which is great because it means you the reader, will be bringing new insights with you. There is no such thing as an ideal golf game… daring statement to make?

Perfect Putting Stroke to Lower Your Score by 12 Strokes!

The perfect putting stroke has several factors included in it. Learn these factors here and lower you score by 12 shots.

Golf Swing Basics – Achieving the Basic Golf Swing of Pro Golfers

Achieving a correct golf swing takes a lot of time and tons of practice. It is useful to take note of how the pro golfers swing their club at the ball. The tips below will allow you to take pleasure in your basic golf swing but you must give yourself time to work on them.

Better Golf Stance to Lower Your Score by 12 Strokes

Misalignment is the biggest problem in amateur putting. By misaligning even an inch, you are guaranteeing yourself an extra stroke. Solve your problem now, and lower your score by 12 strokes.

The Most Important Golf Club

A brief discussion of golf clubs and their uses. And, why some are scoring clubs and some are penalty clubs.

Refiner Driver – Get the Refiner Driver For Enhanced Precision!

When it comes to hitting the golf driver, nearly all of us would have difficulties in doing this. To help you with this, try out the Refiner Driver.

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