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The Problems With Ego in the Golf Business

Egos have driven up the cost of golf courses and golf, resulting in a decline in popularity of the sport. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Top 3 Tips For Improving Your Golf Today

These are my top 3 tips for improving your golf game today. By learning and applying these tips you will start improving your golf game, saving strokes and hundreds of dollars in lost golf balls!

The Social Rules of Golf

Golf is a social game. Even more important than playing well is to be a person other people want to play with. Here are some good ways to become a popular playing partner.

How to Hit a Crisp Pitch Shot

Hit a Pitch shot from anywhere! Learn the perfect technique of how to hit a crisp pitch shot from any lie.

The Four Most Critical Holes in a Round of Golf

There are critical points in a round of golf where you have to pay extra attention to make sure you play your best. Here’s what to watch out for and how to get through them.

The Golfers Mind Review – Golf Instruction Books by Dr Bob Rotella

‘The Golfers Mind’ provides solid and excellent guidance to all the mental issues that golfers face. Dr Bob Rotella’s teachings are simple, direct and easy to understand, and will certainly help golfers of any level to improve their performance on the golf course.

Golf Advice – Choosing the Best Golf Clubs

Using the right golf clubs for your game increases your chances of winning the game. You can check online reviews of different golf clubs in order to choose the one that suits your golf playing strategies best.

What Makes Golf Popular?

What is it about golf that make people go to extreme lengths just to play it? Find out more about this challenging sports and discover the joy of playing or watching a good game of golf.

The Importance of Perfecting Your Golf Swing Grip

I cannot stress enough the importance of perfecting your golf swing grip. Even golfers that have golfed a lot can overlook how important it is to have a good grip. People have a hard time with change, so they may just stick with the same grip they learned with their entire golfing career.

How to Play Consistent Golf, Control Your Emotions & Maintain Playing Confidence – Golf Mental Game

What is it that makes the difference between playing one nine well and the other struggling to hit a barn door? How can you play such inconsistent golf from day to day and even hour to hour? The answer isn’t in your swing technique and it’s not in your lack of talent either. Golf is accepted as 90% mental by the top players and it will work for against any player at any level. If you truly want to play your best then you really want to do it by the mental game of golf.

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