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The Various Types of Golf Games

While many may assume the game of golf is slow and dragged out, it is important to note that the various types of golf games available to you can offer a fun factor. Golf does not have to be a slow and monotonous affair, as so many young golfers are now finding out.

Golf Lessons, Improve Your Short Game

There are many different tools and resources available to the average golfer that involve effective coaching techniques to improve your short game. Golf lessons are necessary if you really are serious about becoming a better golfer or just simply want to lower your handicap.

Golf Divot Repair Tools

What exactly are golf divot repair tools? If we had to describe it then the best way is to have someone close their eyes and tell them to take two tines of a fork and attach it to a bar and bottle opener on top. What is it used for?

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly Like a Professional Does

Here are some essential tips that can help you learn more about how to hold a golf club. There are various kinds of grips that you can employ at the duration of the game.

Learn to Play Like a Pro – Top Tips on How to Play Golf

Are you interested in playing golf? But the problem is that you cannot play it nicely and you are tired of being the laughing stock in front of others. We all know that golf is one of the most interesting games.

Bad Habits in Golfing

Are you fed up with your bad habits which are getting you nowhere on the golf course. Bad habits are easy to learn but not so easy to get out of. It’s like anything, if you pick up bad habits then you are doomed for disaster.

Hazards in Golfing

OK, there are many hazards in playing a round of golf, mainly depends on who you are playing with and how good your game is, but don’t let that distract you from the game!! Its fun and should be enjoyed at the best of times.

How to Get More Distance From Your Tee Shot

Want to get 10-15 yards extra from your tee shot? Well obviously the answer is yes, who wouldn’t? I am going to give you a few tips on your stance and I hope they will help you as they have helped me!

Bunker Problems

Everyone suffers with ending up in a bunker, it will happen and often does far too often. The question is how good are you at getting your ball out of the sand traps? Even the professionals and very experienced players get caught in bunkers, so if you are just a beginner then don’t despair, you are not alone.

Pitching Swing

When do I need to use a pitching shot?? Well it is used from anywhere between 4 yards to 50 yards from the green when there is some kind of obstacle in the way. To achieve this you have to come into the ball at a steeper angle to force the ball to fly higher so as to get over obstacles that may be in your way and it will stop quickly

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