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Make the Most of Every Swing

Are you a natural golfer? Few golfers are. Most learn the game through loads of practice and playing as much as possible. They take golf lessons, hit balls, practice shots, and/or read golf tips to hone their skills.

Changes at TPC Sawgrass Dictate Play

The 2007 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass was, as one writer put it, all about change. From remodeling the clubhouse to replacing the dirt on the course, the changes revitalized this Championship venue, bringing a fresh look to the anchor of the PGA Tour’s Florida swing. And nearly every player in the tournament greeted these changes positively, especially Phil Mickelson, last year’s winner.

The Step by Step Golf Swing Technique to Hit the Ball With More Distance

You may have heard that to hit a ball straight and with distance you need to know the step by step golf swing technique. If done wrong you will not be able to maximize power and distance. An accurate and proper golf swing is the key to your golfing success.

Sinking Short Putts Cuts Golf Handicap

Most of us think we sink a lot of short putts. But research indicates otherwise. Weekend golfers sink only about half of their 12-foot putts. While professional golfers under tour conditions sink only about 20 percent of them.

Why Golf Fitness?

In order to enjoy this game of golf a little more I believe we could all use more golf specific fitness. It helps to have someone trained in the biomechanics of the golf swing and in strength and conditioning to guide you through a safe and successful program. This article recommends specific golf fitness training.

How to Reduce Backswing Errors Quickly

Want to cut strokes from your golf handicap quickly? Eliminate your backswing. That’s right. I said, eliminate your backswing.

Seven Tips on Mastering Those Tough Bunker Shots

Even if you’ve mastered the basics-open the clubface, hit behind the ball, finish the swing-you still dread the thought of landing in a bunker. But it’s hard to resist firing at the flag when you have the chance.

Hitting More Greens Cuts Golf Handicaps

Hitting greens in regulation (GIR) is critical. It’s what separates good golfers from bad, well as players with low golf handicaps from those with high ones. It’s also what separates golfers who give golf lessons from those who take them.

How to Master the Chip Shot in Golf

This article will have any golfing novice chipping like Tiger Woods. It provides the exact technique that Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and all of the games greats use for getting up and down in two from anywhere around the green. Read this article, use the technique and watch strokes falls off your score card.

Golf Equipment Demonstration Days – A Few Words of Warning

If you are a keen golfer you have probably attended a golf demonstration day at some point during your golfing ‘career’. If you are considering going to one soon, then you really should read what follows because you need to, ‘Beware of the demonstration day – you could well learn something to your disadvantage”.

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