How Will Gordon fares in money games with Colt, why he played golf with a young Steph Curry

Callaway Big Bertha – Women

The Callaway Big Bertha women’s line include several allowances for the difference in body and play style of women and men, with a Winn grip for women aiming for increased control and better feel, along with the Aldila shaft that is specifically designed to accomodate the female swing. With the women’s clubs, they have attempted to think carefully of the needs specific to female golfers but have they delivered?

3 Golf Slice Cures to Try on the Range

Here are 3 simple golf slice cures to try next time you are practicing on the range. Any one of these three tips can get you hitting it straight right away.

The Therapeutic Benefits in Playing Golf For Women

For most women golfers a round of golf can be therapeutic, it provides a way for women of any age to get out and work off some of the stress that daily life brings. It also gives a woman a means to get a good workout while doing something they enjoy. Instead of staying inside a gym working out a round of golf can provide a workout that involves cardio, and muscle toning.

Choosing the Right Equipment to Improve Your Golf Swing

Choosing the right equipment is a crucial task for any aspiring golfer. As a beginner finding the right equipment for you will have a huge impact on how your golf swing develops and improves over time.

Golf – Is it Really a Sport Or Just a Leisure Activity?

Is golf just a simple leisure activity or a true sport? Is a golfer an athlete that must relay on the biomechanics of the golf swing to improve their body and muscles?

The Origins of Golf and the Modern Day Golf Swing

There are many questions concerning the origin of the game of golf. Golf, as we know the game today, was first played in Scotland during the 12th century. The first games of golf were played by shepherds using sticks to hit balls in rabbit holes in the ground. The shepherds used crude sticks and their swing did not resemble today’s modern stand and swing mechanics.

Turning to Golf to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health

For years men and women all over the world have turned to golf as a means to escape the stresses of daily life. Golf allows people of all ages to go do something they enjoy in quite outdoor settings. Since golf is not unlike any other type of sports it has become a very attractive to a wide segment of the population.

Golf Swing Ball – Will it Really Improve Your Game?

Is the golf swing ball worth the investment? Will it really help you hit the ball longer and straighter as the manufacture claims? Learn the truth about this device now.

Etiquette Tips When Playing Golf

When playing golf it is very important to follow these simple etiquette tips. These tips can help you play a better game when you and your golf partners are playing together.

The Perfect Golf Swing Sequence That Will Make Your Fellow Players’ Jaws Drop!

A lot of golfers are passionate about perfecting their golf swing sequence, so they can play the best golf of their life and achieve their personal best. And it doesn’t hurt if their fellow players’ mouths drop open with shock or awe, or even a combination of both!

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