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Strengthen Shoulders to Lower Golf Handicap

You don’t need golf instruction sessions to learn to drive the ball long and straight. But you do need to make a good shoulder turn. It creates the torque needed to strike the ball solidly. Good ball-striking helps lower your scores and trim your golf handicap.

Golf’s Four Toughest Bunker Shots

Every year golf magazines feature articles on the game’s toughest shots. Usually, each article has its own specific criteria on what it considers a tough shot. But by and large it means a shot that’s not only difficult, but also intimidating. When missed, these shots boost scores by two or three strokes. Missed often enough, they also boost golf handicaps.

Stack and Tilt Swing Revisited

By now you’ve probably heard of the Stack and Tilt swing model. Stack and Tilt is relatively new, but it has gained ground on the Tour. Developed by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, this new model has drawn good reviews from both veterans and youngsters. Golfers like Eric Axley, Dean Wilson, and Aaron Baddeley have all tried the new swing model.

Is Your Golf Mindset Helping Your Game?

What’s the connection between golf and a mindset of success? If you’ve been golfing for any length of time, you already know that half the battle to having a good game is the one that plays out in your mind. Many things can sabotage your concentration including noisy golf mates, bad weather or a sore back thus affecting how you play.

US Open to Offer Some Surprises

Tiger Woods is the odds on favorite to win this year’s U.S. Open. Not just because he’s one of the best golfers in the world, if not the best; but also because the course is built for his swing. He’s won several times at Torrey Pines Municipal, which is hosting this year’s Tournament, and the course suits his game to a tee, even with the changes they’ve made to the course.

A Sure Fire Way to Hit Bombs

When you’re watching the U.S Open this weekend, look at how Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, and the rest swing the club. I’ve been watching them for years. They swing so effortlessly it’s amazing. Yet they still bomb the ball 275 yards off the tee. Some average almost 300 yards.

Seven Myths Women Believe About Golf

There is a secret out there that single women need to know about. 75% of all the golfers playing the game are men. How do you know if the new wave of golf is for you?

Go-To Shots Trim Scores and Golf Handicaps

PGA pros depend on “Go To” shots to survive in tournaments. Go to shots are shots golfers hit well under pressure. They use them they’re when they’re in trouble, when they need a clutch shot, or when their games go awry. They’re useful whether you’re playing stroke or match play, or just trying to win a skin from someone. Some players call Go To shots “money shots.

Hitting Driver, 3W, 3I

Golf is a thinking man’s (and woman’s) game. But thinking too much can get you in trouble. That’s why many players with low golf handicaps try to keep the game as simple as possible.

Building a Better Swing Starts With Your Grip

Contrary to what some instructors teach, there’s more than one way to swing a club. In fact, many people swing the club differently-all with good results. Some use the no backswing approach. Others use the stack and tilt method. Regardless of which you use, all approaches provide successful good results, if they adhere to certain key principles.

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