How to Build a Golf Course, explained by Sand Valley Resort’s Michael and Chris Keiser

Taylor Made Golf Clubs – Bringing Never Before Seen Success on the Golf Course

Have you ever experienced going through a slump in golf that you seemingly couldn’t get out of? If you haven’t then you should take notice because it’s undeniably going to come. Every golfer, in fact every sport fanatic will experience this situation at some point in their careers.

Left-Handed Golf Clubs – Play Like a Pro

In the past, there were a lot of people who didn’t get to play golf because they’re left-handed. This is not saying that the sport back then was mainly for those who are right-handed. It’s just that in those times, left handed golf clubs weren’t that developed yet.

Golf Clothing is Simple to Find Online But You Will Have to Take Your Time When Shopping on the Web

You will easily come across golf clothing on online – you only need to understand where to look. Have a look on a number of web stores and look at what you’ll find. At any time you complete a certain amount of searches via the internet you will more than likely be faced with a lot of promotions and deals that will be advantageous.

Suitable Ladies Golf Shoes and Their Benefits

If you’re looking to get a pair of ladies golf shoes, you have to be careful in selecting only the best one that would suit you in terms of design, features and, well cost of course. There’s little point in getting shoes that will only fill two of the three or even just one. Doing so will greatly diminish their usability on the golf course and will also affect your game as a player.

Setting a New Trend in Men’s Golf Clubs

There are various manufacturers out there have their own gimmicks in baiting customers to try out the men’s golf clubs that they develop. Whether it’s about features that increase performance on the golf course or styles that appeals to a wider range of golf players, these manufacturers will try their very best to design golf clubs that people will love to use in the golf course. Things have certainly changed since the time that the game was developed.

Golf Guide For Walkers

Whether you walk the course for the experience or fitness or both, it is important that you are comfortable and can manage the equipment needed. Do the research and make the investment in a quality pair of golf shoes and a nice stand bag. Walking when you play golf means you will spend plenty of hours on your feet. Make sure your vital equipment is up to par!

Evolution of Golf Equipment

Recent changes are evident when looking at the golf club sets that I used when beginning to play golf competitively. As a high school golfer I was scoring in the seventies and spent much of my money on the newest golf equipment available. In the bag was a metal head driver with a graphite shaft, a persimmon 3 wood, a golf set of Wilson Staff irons including a one iron, the sand wedge mentioned, and a Ping putter.

Achieving Good Golf Swing Mechanics

Your focus needs to be on your golf swing. A few suggestions that might help you achieve your goal of playing golf with happiness and fun. No matter what you do, practice is the key.

Learning the Game With Ladies Golf Clubs

It can be quite a difficult ordeal to learn the game of golf especially if you don’t know anything about the mechanics or the basics of how the game is meant to be played. It can even be more difficult for women if they don’t have the right equipment for it. Ladies golf clubs for starters have to be used when teaching ladies how to play the game.

How to Get Your Ball Out of a Bunker

Many amateur golfers find getting out of a bunker to be the hardest thing to do. Actually, it’s pretty easy. Getting your ball out is another matter, but with a little knowledge and a little practice, even that’s not hard.

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