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Swing Drills

A perfect golf swing, though a myth, is a worthwhile pursuit and one in which every avid golfer aspires. But developing a great swing takes time and a tons of practice. But we don’t have to start from scratch. Sometimes the best advice is just by following what real professionals do. Here are a couple of tips from real professionals that can help you improve your swing.

Used Golf Equipment and Reasons to Go With It

As a golfer you don’t really want to grow and get better – or even expect to be better – on used golf equipment. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. For all you know the used golf clubs you’re looking at made a good player out of its previous owner. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re an intermediate golfer, you can’t really settle for secondhand clubs. If you’re a novice, however, then you should consider starting with secondhand equipment.

Groove Your Golf Swing the Easy Way – With the Medicus Driver!

This Medicus 460cc Driver includes an appropriately weighted head to recreate the actual swing process. More importantly, it operated on Medicus’s patented dual hinge system, which is top of the line.

Putting Practice

Even if we excel at our long drives and short iron game, we still have to put the ball in the hole. And this always seems easier said than done. We’ve all heard perfect practice makes perfect so here are four drills that may help you improve your putting.

DVD Golf Training Lessons

Golf has been ranked among the most favorite hobbies because many people regard it as one of the most enjoyable games that can be played by men and women. It is a game with the simplest rules that are easy to understand and follow.

Playing Smart Saves Strokes

Even players who thrive on crushing the ball know that hitting it long isn’t always the best strategy. Sometimes, they need to hang back and save that muscle for another time. We call it playing smart.

Ways to Eliminate a Golf Slice

Golf slice is the biggest enemy of any golfer trying to make some effort to enjoy the game. Many players with these problems make uncontrollable curves that embarrass them to the point of losing interest in this game. Many of them come to the conclusion that they have to live with these problems, as they have suffered for years without knowing the remedies while the rest are ignorant of the problem and they are left with nothing to do to eliminate golf slice.

Tips on an Easy Golf Swing

Golf being one of the most enjoyable games can be limited by the wrong golf swings. Learning the tips on an easy golf swing can help one improve their golf techniques in a big way. Worst shot can really pull down the efforts of any golfer because it is nice shots that keep many people stuck to this game. All a golfer needs is a great combination of grace and power all joined together to produce results that are achievable in the shortest time possible.

How to Improve My Golf Swing – Learn More About It

One of the best approaches to improving golf swing after being away from the game is to get into a golf fitness program that is designed to help the golfer to gain back flexibility for the game and to swing with dexterity. One of the programs aims is to develop good motion for the joints and muscles.

Excellent Tips to Get You a Better Golf Swing During a Fixture

Have you ever sat down, either as a pro or a beginner, and asked yourself what the right key to a better golf swing is? The sway execution is the main aspect that leads to a perfect game of low scoring points. However, with the basic training that is required, good guidelines on how to improve your swaying hits and the right attitude towards the game, chances of your mastering the sport and becoming a pro are likely to be high.

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