How Ping’s new G430 irons improved a 14-handicap’s ball speed and flight

The Drive to Win Exists in Every Golfer’s Heart

If there is one thing for certain about the origins of golf, it’s that there is nothing certain about the origins of golf. Many historians believe that the game of golf actually originated in The Netherlands, not Scotland. It is stated that the Dutch played a game with a stick and a leather ball and whoever hit the ball into a target several hundred meters away in the least amount of strokes won. There are even some historians now claiming that the earliest origins of golf may have popped up in China during the Ming Dynasty, 500 years before any record of golf in Scotland.

Why Use Golf Swing Training Aids?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to the world of golf, or a seasoned pro, using golf swing training aids is going to help you improve your game. I would highly recommend that anybody who wants to improve their swing should pick up a training aid for their specific problem.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Practicing Will Help You Improve Your Golf Swing

Practice is really the only way to improve your golf swing. It doesn’t matter how fancy your clubs and balls are…what matters is the time and effort you put into making yourself a better golfer.

Inside Out Golf Swing – Try These Two Drills For Success

You have probably heard before that to hit the golf ball with accuracy and power, you have got to be able to implement the inside out golf swing. Also, you must steer clear of what is generally known as coming over the top. This is a swing flaw that causes the golf club to drift outside the target line on the downswing, which results in the ball slicing terribly.

Golf Pitching Tips – Learn When to Use a Pitch Shot

The time to use a pitch shot is when there is absolutely no way to put your ball onto the putting surface with a well-struck chip. This golf pitching tips article guides you to when you should use the pitch shot.

Over the Top Golf Swing – How to Eliminate This Motion

An over the top golf swing is a problem with many players, but the good thing is, it’s not hard to fix. Here are a few simple tips to help you eliminate this motion practically overnight.

Is Your Golf Equipment Up to the Mark?

Decisions made, before you even hit your first tee shot will impact on your score. Do you take the time to have all the right equipment, clean clubs, comfortable shoes and a good supply of refreshments. Do you look and feel like a golfer on the first tee?

Tiger Woods Golf Game Analyzed

The amazing Tiger Woods golf game has renewed world wide interest in golf. He swings the club like no other with strength flexibility in total control. He gets putts that under pressure that few other pros can match and his wins wins and wins. What is it that makes him such a formidable golfing machine. Here is a brief analysis of his swing and other factors which and if you want to know what makes perfection have a read.

How Golf Fitness Can Lower Your Score

It is very rare that any top sportsman does not rely in some degree on his level of fitness. When Nick Faldo completely altered his approach to the game in the early eighties a major factor in his rise to be number one golfer in the world was the fitness regime

Additional Training For Your Muscles to Aid a Proper Golf Swing

The proper golf swing involves all the muscles in your body. This complicated pivotal movement put some thirty-two individual muscles into play. Like any other skill, constant repetition done properly will improve form and muscle. The avid golfer can, by repetition and additional exercises developed specifically to develop those muscle groups that are required to execute a proper golf swing, improve his swing and his overall game play.

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