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Steps to Developing a Good Golf Swing

The keys to developing a good golf swing are visualization, setup, aim, and trust. If you watch the pros play golf the first thing you will notice is that they are thinking of what kind of shot that they want to play. They access the lie of the ball, the wind, and the location of the pin to determine what type of shot they can play.

Golf Swing Instruction – How To Cut 7 Strokes From Your Score

When it comes to golf, every professional knows that the key to having the lowest score in the game is to get your golf swing right. It takes more than just practice to perfect your swing. You need to follow some basic technical golf swing instruction to improve your game.

Anatomy of a Golf Swing – Where Are You Going Wrong

In analyzing your golf swing the first thing you need to do is to look at your golf ball flight. Assess whether you are fading, slicing, hooking, drawing, shanking, or topping the ball. Once you have determined what your most common mistakes are you can now try to correct them.

Who Will Win The Fed Ex Cup?

All bets are off as to who will win the Fed Ex Cup this year. With Tiger Seemingly out of contention and Phil struggling who is left? Well these are my thoughts.

Golf Fitness Exercises for the Senior Player

Golf fitness exercises can be extremely beneficial for the senior golfer. Unfortunately, the aging process lowers our levels of flexibility, muscular strength, and power. All of which are necessary for an efficient golf swing. Learn how golf fitness exercises can assist in returning your levels of flexibility, strength, and power for a more efficient and powerful golf swing.

How to Hit Your Driver Straight

Discover the simple tips to hitting your driver straight down the fairway, leaving you in the perfect position for your next shot. Learn the tried and tested methods for a clean, crisp connection that will help to knock 7-10 shots off your next round.

Marbella Golf

Of course Marbella is famed for its wonderful beaches and having plenty of sunshine throughout the year. But nowadays it has become a Mecca for golf players of all levels as it offers more than 60 courses within a short drive from this wonderful city.

More Cornwall Golf Courses

Most people when they think of spending time on holiday in Cornwall will tend to do so to enjoy its miles of wonderful beaches or to try out some surfing. Yet this part of the UK like so many others has some great golf courses that those enjoy this particular sport may want to try out. Below we take a look at some of the courses worth considering enjoying.

Build Your Own Yardage Book

At professional golf tournaments, the pros get a yardage book that tells them everything they need to know about the course. They get the yardage to the front of the green from innumerable locations on each hole. They know exactly where the hazards are where the safe places to hit are. You should make a yardage book of your favorite course for yourself.

How To Remember That Great Golf Swing

Isn’t it maddening? You have a good day on the range, or a good day on the course, when your swing is just clicking away and you can’t help but hit one good shot after another in spite of yourself. Then the next time you go out, blotto. Where did that good swing go?

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