How John Smoltz’s Hall of Fame career helped his golf game

Ladies Golf Accessories

Are you new on the golf scene? Or perhaps you’re getting a bit tired of your usual bland-looking outfits and are looking for something new to spice up your golf attire? Whatever the case, women always find an excuse to shop.

Choosing the Correct Golf Bag

Gone are the days of using an old golf bag as it does not matter to your game. It’s time to think again and to invest in a new golf bag. Your golf bag is not just a holder for your clubs and balls.

Nerves on the Golf Course

With most all sports athletes of all kinds have to not only be the best physically but be the best mentally as well. You can be the most talented individual in the world but if you can deal with the nerves and the pressure then you will not be able to play to the best of your ability. Golf is one sport where being able to control you mental state and nerves is very crucial to taking home the big check and trophy.

Real Golf Stores Are Passionate About the Game – Are You?

A precision sport, golf is a game in which players (called “golfers”) struggle to surmount, by following strict rules, another or multipliers players, by using many types of clubs. Each player, individually or as part of a team, attempts to “sink” balls into a small hole, not much larger than the playing ball itself. Located on a so-called “golf course”, the challenge is to require the lowest number of strokes from the starting point, appropriately called the “tee.”

Golf Equipment – Five Tips For Choosing the Best Golf Gps System For Duffers

You know you want a golf GPS system, don’t you? You may have even done some research but how do you know which one is the best golf GPS rangefinder? Educate yourself with these five tips from someone who has been using one of these for more than three years. Listen to the voice of experience.

Tips on Buying a Golf Bag – Part 2

If you’re looking for a large golf bag with lots of room and functionality then take a look at Staff Bags or Tour Bags as they are also known. They are categorized by the fact that they can accommodate a full set of 14 golf clubs plus they come with a wide variety of pockets to carry every kind of golfing accessory you might want to take with you on your round. Professional golfers will use these kinds of bag and generally have a caddy to carry them, the larger surface space on the bag also allows more room for sponsor’s logos to be displayed. They are quite expensive and made from high quality materials such as leather.

Tips on Buying a Golf Bag – Part 1

With the numerous amount of clubs most golfers carry around courses it’s obvious that you need a golf bag to easily manage and transport them. They are not just useful for clubs however, they’ll also take your water bottle, umbrella, golf balls and keep your valuables safe too. While a golf bag won’t have a direct impact upon your game it does provide a lot in terms of the comfort you feel while walking the course and the amount of fatigue you may suffer over the course of a day. They will also help you to keep your clubs well separated and ordered so that your shot selection can be made and the club quickly located.

Ladies Golf Shoes – The Role it Plays on Your All Round Game Can Never Be Underestimated

Ladies golf shoes, does shoes specifically made for the game of golf play any role in a golfer’s overall game play? Yes, it does and its role is quite significant. Some sports are such that the quality of apparels and gears used in them plays a significant role towards the overall performance of the player. Golf is one of such sports and the quality of shoes used when playing a game of golf plays a significant role in the outcome of the game.

Men’s Golf Shoes – Critical Tips to Choose a Good Male Golf Shoe

For a long time, there was a debate within the golf circles about the influence a golf shoe has on the overall performance of a golfer during a golf game. Recently, however, statistics have shown that golfers who play the golf game with good golf shoes perform much better compared to when they play with an ordinary shoe say sneakers. Since that is the case, our major concern now is how to choose a good golf shoe.

Footjoy Golf Shoes – Every Golfer’s Dream Shoe

The footjoy golf shoes brand is about the most popular brand in the world of golf shoes. Being this popular in a market that is saturated by other world class brands goes a long way to show that footjoy is doing a good job with their golf shoes.

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