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Practice and Exercise – Keys to Golf Success

Golf is one of the few games played today where size or gender doesn’t matter. While it is said that you are competing against yourself in golf, we all know that our human nature is to want to have the best score in our foursome. While size and gender doesn’t matter, two things you can do that will give you an edge over your competitor are exercise and practice.

3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Drive

Your drive is often the most critical, and most inconsistent, part of your golf game. A reliable drive can prove to both lower your score as well as make your time on the links more enjoyable all around.

Need Help Navigating Through Golf Courses?

Don’t you hate it when you are making a difficult shot and you totally miscalculate the distance to the hole? There are so many things that can go wrong because of human error. But now there is a gadget that can help you navigate through even the most challenging golf courses. This gadget is called the Golf GPS.

How to Buy the Right Golf Shoes

Don’t you hate it when your feet start to hurt in the middle of your golf game? And because of this you can no longer concentrate on your golf swing. You start hitting the ball poorly when you had been hitting so wall just moments before that. There is a way to avoid this annoying problem and that is by buying a pair of good golf shoes.

Learn to Play Like the Pros

This article discusses the major pros and cons of enrolling in golf school and improving your game. It also discusses how golf school can help with different ages and social groups.

How to Eliminate the Yips in Golf – How Many Strokes Can You Save?

Imagine for a moment you are standing over a putt. Your mind is racing. Is it really going to break left or should I play it straight. Well we’ll never know because when you start your stroke your hands twitch, your eyes look up and the ball goes way left or right of the l. You’ve got the yips. Here’s a couple of tips to get rid of them.

Golf Swing Beginner Help in 2 Easy Steps

When you are first starting out in golf, your pretty much a complete lost person. Almost as if you were stuck in the middle of the forest somewhere with no compass. Right? Well I have been there once as well, and not knowing very much about golf can make it very hard for the golf swing beginner to know how to play properly.

Golf Cart Enclosures Offer the Protection You Need For Your Game

The game of golf has evolved fast in the last couple of years. The notion in the past was that golf was a rich man’s game, but not anymore. Anyone who has an arm and can swing is able to enjoy a game of golf as long as they are prepared to take the time in investing and learning how to play.

Giving the Perfect Gift to a Golf Lover

For any golfer his clubs are not enough in order to enjoy his game. To get successfully through the day, he needs a range of eccentric and rather odd strange accessories.

Golf Chipping Tips – 4 Tips and a Drill to Save Par

Having a great chip shot in your bag is probably the most important tool for an amateur to save par. Check out these four chipping tips and practice the drill so you can play with confidence and get it down in two.

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