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Lower Your Golf Score by Being Happy

You might think the title of this article has it backwards. If I shoot a lower golf score, then I’ll be happy. But no, I got it right. Having a positive attitude before you start playing, and as you play, is how your best golf will come out.

A Few Must Have Tips On How To Cure A Slice

The golf slice is a pain for the majority of golfers and ways to cure a slice are at the top of their list. There are plenty of other faults that can affect a golf swing but none more annoying than a slice. On the positive side the process of how to cure a slice is not that difficult. In this article you will find some sound advice on getting rid of the problem.

Great Tips on Golf Swing Impact Position

There has been plenty written on the subject of golf and in particular tips on the golf swing. More than just about any other sport golf has some of the most dedicated and frustrated players you will ever find. Don’t fall into the trap of playing golf swing when you should be playing golf…

Golf Swing Tips – Use Your Mind Don’t Lose It!

We are all used to dissecting our golf swings in an effort to straighten out our drives or hit more solid iron shots but how often do we work on one of the most important parts of the golf game? That’s right the mental part…

Mental Preparation Is Critical To Sporting Success

Whether you are working on a project for your company, playing a musical instrument, studying for an exam or even planning to do the gardening, you must understand that all these tasks have one thing in common. They all require some extent of preparation whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally. This includes sport.

Golf Club Basics

The golf club is one of the most basic equipment you need to have. Before you can play on the green, you need to have a set of clubs. This article gives you the lowdown on this necessary piece of golf equipment.

A Golfer’s Stretch Routine

Golf is a game that involves the entire body. As such, it is important that all the muscles in the body are primed and limbered well. Tense limbs and rigid muscles make your swings short and cause you to miss your target. A sound stretching exercise is an essential part of a successful game. Here are some tips to help you limber up before a game.

All About Hybrids: Golf 101

You’ve heard about hybrid cars that are environmentally friendly. Now, it’s time to learn about hybrid golf clubs. They’re touted as better than the more traditional clubs and are said to even help you improve your stroke. What’s it about hybrids and why are they causing so much stir among the golfing community?

Tips to Getting the Ball Out of the Bunker

One of the most frustrating experiences that any golfer has to deal with is when he hits his ball into a sand trap. Whether by sheer inexperience or just a run of bad luck at the course, sand bunker shots can be difficult to carry out, especially for neophytes of the game. But it’s something one has to learn. After all, you’ll never know when your ball is going to hit sand.

Why Should Golfers Stretch?

Golf looks deceptively easy when observed from afar. The fact that all golfers do is walk (ride carts, even) and whack at the ball, gives it the impression that it’s a game for those who can’t hack a real exercise that makes one sweat from the inside out. Thus, it has taken on the impression as a game fit for the elderly and the elitists who need to have their servants serve them hand and foot.

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